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Tin Brother

Written and Illustrated by Yaniv Shimony


Gidi’s life is miserable. The school bullies won’t stop harassing him, the girl he likes doesn’t seem to notice him and all his parents talk about all day is his new baby sister. If anything, Gidi needs a big brother! But one day he stumbles across something in the scrap yard of old Adler, and then all the sudden, the bullies are scared of HIM. 

Hardback / 165 x 260 cm / 98 pages / Kinneret Comics

Turmoil in Honeycomb 13

Written by Kai Pannen

Little larvae bee Maxine cannot wait: only 21 more days until she and her 1,566 siblings turn into bees. However, birthdays don’t exist in the strict regime of the synchronized beehive, that is, until Maxine turns the whole hive upside-down with her non-conformist ideas.

Hardback / 170 x 247 cm / 114 pages / Tulipan Verlag

The Adventures of the Motts (4 titles)

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

These fascinating creatures find plenty of adventures and brave quests that will change the world of children and adults forever. An unforgettable journey awaits, taking you on the wildest ride of your imagination. Get ready for a lot of fun, adventures, love, fights and emotions.
Are you ready?

A series of 4 books: Hello Brand-New Day, Mux Strikes Back, The Princess Who Had the Hiccups and The Magician Has the Last Laugh

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese

Paperback / 140 x 210 / 96 pages / Marmot Books

Agatha – My First Year at School (12 titles)

written by Aleksandra Georgieva and illustrated by Margarita Stamenova

What emotions, relationships, and challenges is Agatha going to face and deal with in her first year at school? Finding oneself in a new and unfamiliar environment is exciting indeed! Besides, the year promises to be emotional for her friends, mommy, daddy, granny, as well as her favourite tomcat Balthazar. 
A series of 12 books including: A Cactus in a Flowerpot, A Little Bit of Courage, What Chocolate Muffins Cannot Do, and Christmas Magic.

Paperback / 130 x 197 / 56 pages / Marmot Books

The Incredible Adventures of BlueFoot and Buzz

written by Maria Angelova and illustrated by Elena Vladinova

BlueFoot, the bird with blue feet, and Buzz , the adventurous bee are never bored – they simply don’t have time amongst all the adventures they plunge into.
The two of them go hunting for Aborigines; go on an expedition to the North Pole and Father Christmas’ house; chase away a runaway circus crocodile firing rotten apples at them; find a time-travel portal in Bluefoot’s kitchen; meet the sulkiest rabbit in the whole world, and whatnot.
In a string of sad, funny, and scary events, the two of them enjoy themselves and before they know it, they learn what friendship is.

Hardback / 165 x 215 / 80 pages / Marmot Books 5-8

My Beautiful Antlers

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

This is the story of the one-antlered deer called Vu “short for Vundabah”, and his friends – the swallow Constance and the ladybird Vincent. It’s an unusual friendship that helps Vu grow up and learn that life often gives us bitter lessons but only to show us that we can handle anything, should we  find the inner strength to see how we can benefit from every situation…
This is a story that teaches how important it is to never lose hope, to never fear the unknown, to never give up, to love yourself the way you are, and to remain optimistic no matter what.

Hardback / 220 x 280 / 56 pages / Marmot Books 8-11

Miss Wacky Jacky

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Hristina Eftimova

Do you think you’re brave enough to face Miss Wacky Jacky who may (or may not be) able to turn people into rabbits, goats, owls and other weird things? The twins Lina and Niko are forced to leave the city and move to the country where one funny and scary acquaintance awaits them…
Not only have their summer vacation plans fallen through but their new neighbour is a real witch. And yet, could this boring village turn into an exciting adventure?

Paperback / 165 x 230 / 160 pages / Marmot Books 9-12


written by Andy Woodage

A young-adult fantasy novel of good, evil, genetically engineered creatures, romance, blood, and the search for belonging.  

Imagine a world without oil, where metals are only available if they can be salvaged or recycled. Imagine if coal was running out. It’s a world where armies no longer build metal monsters, but biological horrors. A world where genetic engineering has become the art of war.

This is 12-year-old Jothan’s world. Orphaned by a terrible accident, he dreams of leaving his uneventful life with his grandparents on the family’s griffin farm. However, when a catastrophic attack wipes out every homestead in The Zoological Zone, his world is turned upside down. He finds himself thrust into a story larger than he ever dreamed, embarking on a rough journey with a mysteriously appearing warrior to the fabled ‘Temple of Elohim’.

Paperback / 138 x 210 / 332 pages / Imagnary House

Run Home, Nilla!

written by Anja Gatu

The new football season is off to a good start. Nilla is starting a nine-against-nine game instead of a seven-against-seven. The team is also getting a new coach who has something completely different in store, and Nilla’s love for football is tested. The new player, Evin, who intrigues Nilla, also confuses her. How will she tackle these unexpected setbacks?

Hardback / 200 pages / Olika Forlag / Ages 10-12+


written by Jutta Nymphius and illustrated by Irmela Schautz

Amelie is 13 and really good at Photoshop. If only she could also photoshop her own life as well… Her parents are constantly fighting with each other, her best friend Nick behaves strangely and she has to face the fact that she is not one of the trendy girls – if her classmates want to pick on someone, usually Amelie is the victim. – And then there is her body: Her belly is too big and her breasts too small. It is clear, that Elias whom she has liked for quite a while already, will never just even look at her. However, things change when a new girl Kira is added to Amelie’s class. She introduces Elias to Amelie and the two start to videochat regularly. Soon, there is nothing that Amelie wouldn’t share with him. They can talk about anything and Amelie is on cloud nine. But one day, Elias wants to see her topless. She hesitates, but finally sends him a picture of herself. As it goes public in the chatroom of her class, Amelie is shocked at first, but in the end, it becomes obvious that Elias didn’t know Amelie as much as he thought he did…

Rights sold: Polish

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 200 pages / Tulipan Verlag 12+