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Written and Illustrated by Bastien Bertine

An essay that delves into the heart of human emotions, revenge, obsession and madness. A graphic richness that reveals the various “image worlds” that Moby Dick suggests and an in-depth reflection on the particularly numerous links between Moby Dick and comics.

Paperback / 190 x 245 mm / 204 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written and Illustrated by Marta Cunill

In a world where nature has disappeared, a group of creatures hides from soldiers to protect and save the “wonders.” The creatures must plant the “wonders” at all cost.

Hardback / 200 x 260 mm / 100 pages / Bang Ediciones





Written and Illustrated by Gabri Molist

Is sleeping dying? Our protagonist wonders every night if he could die without realizing it… He fears falling asleep or rather he fears dying, or is it the same thing? After three sleepless nights, and on the verge of a heart attack, or so he thinks, he decides to see a psychologist.

Rights sold: German

Paperback / 200 x 270 mm / 264 pages / Bang Ediciones


Written by Marcos Morán and Illustrated by Artur Laperla

As everyone knows, telepaths are banned on Mars, but not on our good old Earth. Here, a third-rate telepath like Veronica Fury can make a living reading people’s minds on demand. But when, the enigmatic Baxter Blobs contacts her to ask to report the thoughts of Aldus Spice, Veronica has no idea that she is stepping into a hell of a bag of knots.

Paperback / 150 x 280 mm / 160 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written and Illustrated by Linhardt

In a remote Swedish village, Jakob, a local resident, calls all the inhabitants to a large meeting. On the agreed date, all the neighbours attend except for Jakob. Hours later, his lifeless body is found with his face disfigured and hands mutilated. Who did it?

Paperback / 240 x 170 mm / 240 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written by Sandra Garayoa and Illustrated by Bertol Arrieta

Unable to face the pain that overwhelms her due to the suicide of her partner, Leire goes on a trip. But seized with anxiety, she finds herself stuck at a roadside stop. There she has to face her pain, while getting to know the adventure of Fernando Rus to the Arctic.

Paperback / 170 x 240 mm / 144 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written by Ramon Llull and Illustrated by Pep Brocal

THE BOOK OF BEASTS, written in 1287 by Ramon Llull, is part of a more extensive work, THE BOOK OF WONDERS. Pep Brocal adapts this metaphor of the human condition and the power struggles. From a large gathering of animals, the lion wins the votes, but he does not include the fox in his court. This one will try to ascend to the throne through deception.

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 210 x 280 mm / 140 pages / Bang Ediciones


Written by Mary Shelley and Illustrated by Sandra Hernández

Frankenstein, a young female medical student, is fascinated by secrets of the universe. After several experiments, she gives life to a creature made of dissected corpses. Upon discovering her frightful creation, she runs away from the lab. The creature, rejected by its creator and by humanity, notes the emergence of hate and thirst for revenge.

Hardback / 200 x 260 mm / 100 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written by Max Vento and Illustrated Cristina Broquetas

After their adventure in New York, Claudio and Lucía venture into the world’s largest tropical forest, the Amazon! After two weeks traveling all over Colombia, the group arrives in Medellín, the last stop on the family tour. During their adventures, they come into contact with the dark world of animal trafficking.

Hardback / 190cm x 260cm / 90 pages / Mamut Comics



Written and Illustrated by J. Personne

The Yacayoux family, famous for their conspiracy theories, disappear leaving their followers without any news. A young orphan, worried about this silence, travels to the town of Bugarach to find them. This graphic novel, far from   pretending   to  offer  an  absolute truth, questions us about conspiracy and its mechanisms.

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 210 x 260 mm / 120 pages / Bang Ediciones