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written by Jutta Nymphius and illustrated by Irmela Schautz

Amelie is 13 and really good at Photoshop. If only she could also photoshop her own life as well… Her parents are constantly fighting with each other, her best friend Nick behaves strangely and she has to face the fact that she is not one of the trendy girls – if her classmates want to pick on someone, usually Amelie is the victim. – And then there is her body: Her belly is too big and her breasts too small. It is clear, that Elias whom she has liked for quite a while already, will never just even look at her. Things change, when Kira is new in Amelie’s class. She introduces Elias to Amelie and the two start to videochat regularly. Soon, there is nothing that Amelie wouldn’t share with Elias. They can talk about anything and Amelie is on cloud nine. As one day, Elias wants to see her topless, she hesitates but finally sends him a picture of herself. As it goes public in the chatroom of her class, Amelie is shocked at first, but in the end, it becomes obvious that Elias didn’t know Amelie as much as he thought he did…

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 200 pages / Tulipan Verlag 12+

I Am Animals

written by Amadeua Henhapl and illustrated by Elsa Klever

It has been raining all day and Theo is bored to death at his Grandma’s house. Roaming around, he finds a secret door behind which there is a mysterious book which shows him how to turn into animals. He transforms into a wild bear gulping down the interior of Grandma’s living room. He changes into a powerful lion which scares everyone else away and a fox which unexpectedly shows musical talent… At the end, children are encouraged to start drawing themselves the animal they would like to turn into.

Hardback / 220 x 280 / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Not a Job For a Wolf

written by Annette Feldmann and illustrated by Mareike Engelke

“That’s not a job for a wolf”– Isa hears this all the time, whenever she mentions what she wants to become: A captain on a big ship. One day, she simply packs her bags and goes to the port. It isn’t easy, but the captain of the “Bonnie” finally gives her a chance. Isa sets sail! Life on the sea isn’t easy but when a pirate ship shows up on the horizon, Isa can finally prove that she is capable of much more than just swabbing the deck and peeling potatoes!

Hardback / 250 x 230 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Roasted Almonds for Grisou

written by Nikola Huppertz and illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier

Parrot Grisou has never been at a Christmas Market. And he has never eaten roasted almonds! As one evening, Fabian, Nella and their parents forget to close the door of his cage, he takes his chance and escapes through the open kitchen window. After his adventures, how will Grisou find his way back home, just in time for Christmas Day?

Paperback / 250 x 230 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Pimbumum’s Travels

written and illustrated by Nini Alaska

Pimbumum and his family are ready to go on holiday – but will 23 suitcases, an umbrella and a sailing boat fit in the small car? Of course! Just Mom, Dad, Pimbumum and his two siblings won’t fit any more… With some good ideas, they finally manage to get started and eventually reach the beach. But will 23 suitcases fit onto the sailing boat?…

Board Book / 200 x 160 / 24 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Cast Off!

written and illustrated by Valentina Brüning

Rita’s 10th birthday is just around the corner – she will have a big party and her Dad who lives in Spain will come to see Rita and her Mum. But all of her plans go down the tube when Rita’s Mum suddenly shows up with a new boyfriend with his three annoying sons.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 160 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Three Times Frodo

written and illustrated by Jutta Nymphius & Julia Christians

Seven-year-old Thea lives her guinea pig Frodo more than anything. However, Frodo is already old, and Thea knows that it might pass away soon. Thea’s mother, father and brother are quite upset when they detect the animal corpse in the cage.

Hardback / 135 x 192 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Then I’ll Go Now, Time Said

written by Bettina Obrecht and illustrated by Julie Völk

It’s Sunday and Time has come for a visit. Lara and the Time are good friends. But Lara’s family seems to have something against it. They talk about passing Time or even killing it. Time decides to leave. But nobody can help Lara as no one seems to have time for the Time. Will she trace its path and find it again?

RIGHTS SOLD: Swedish, Danish & Estonian

Picture Book / 210 x 280 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Shark Holidays

written and illustrated by Nini Alaska

Marie loves sharks. She paints them every day and knows a lot of the various kinds that exist. Spring break is approaching, and Marie is ready for an adventure. She spins her globe and each time her finger lands on an ocean or a sea. Her father, who is a marine biologist, agrees to go on a special shark holiday in the Baltic Sea.

Picture Book / 250 x 230 / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Grumpy Dad

written and illustrated by Ulf K.

A young boy has a dad who really likes to complain. When he spills something or when he forgets to take off his outdoor shoes or even when he is just a little bit late. Ulf K. introduces us to the grumpy-type dad and compares him to the superhero-like dads and shows that grumpy dads aren’t bad after all.

Picture book / 250 x 230 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag