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Elfi, the Sad Crocodile

Written by Inka Pabst & Illustrated by Miriam Zedelius

No matter where Elfi goes, she only has to count to four before everyone runs away from her in fear. What could she do to make friends? Perhaps pretend to be someone else? Will they believe she is a bird if she chirps softly? Or if she balances on one leg in the water, will they take her for a flamingo?

Rights sold: Spanish and Catalan

Hardback / 210 x 230 cm / 32 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Benji’s Doll

Written by Alicia Acosta and Luis Amavisca & Illustrated by Amélie Graux

Benji wants a doll really badly. He asked for one on Christmas and on his birthday. Jenny has a really pretty doll, with beautiful long blue braids. Then one day, Mom and Dad give him a big box wrapped in a shiny ribbon…

Hardback / 255 x 275 cm / 44 pages / NubeOcho

Gildo Series (4 titles)

Written and Illustrated by Silviana Rando

Gildo is very brave. He loves giant Roller coasters, horror movies and singing in public. However, there is one thing that terrifies him…BALLOONS! We follow Gildo the night before a friends birthday party, and he can’t sleep from the fear!

Paperback / 255 x 255 cm / 28 pages / Companhias das Letras

The Big Knight

Written and Illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

If the king gives you a sword and a shield and asks you to protect the queen, then that is exactly what you have to do! Even though the dragons, trolls and highway robbers are pretty scary…A charming story about a a child’s desire to grow up whilst remaining a kid at heart.

Hardback / 190 x 250 cm / 32 pages / Paike Ja Pilv


Zebra’s Umbrella

written by David Hernández Sevillano and illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

Zebra opened his umbrella when he felt the first raindrops fall. Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Elephant, Hare and Lion came over. Would everyone fit under Zebra’s umbrella?

Rights sold: English (UK/US) & Italian

Hardback / 280 x 240 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written by Rafael Ordóñez and illustrated by Marisa Morea

Did you know that elephants are scared of mice? A long time ago, it was the other way around, and it was mice who were afraid of elephants. But one day everything changed… that was the day of the pepperstorm!

Rights sold: English (UK/US) & Italian

Hardback / 280 x 240 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

Daniela and the Witch Pilomena

written by Susanna Isern & illustrated by Gómez

The witch Philomena doesn’t like people being happy. One day, she sees Daniela and the crew of the Black Croc in her crystal ball.
Will Philomena find a way to take away their smiles?

Rights sold: English (UK/US) & Italian

Hardback / 280 x 240 / 44 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones

Tales from the World of the Motts (2 titles)

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

The Adventures of the Motts series was so well received that Marmot Books developed an extended line for younger kids. The tales tell stories about the young Motts who are as curious as small children, and face challenges like fear of the dark or getting in trouble.

Titles in the series: Mux’s First Mischief and Princess Pagu Can’t Fall Asleep

Hardback / 140 x 210 / 32 pages / Marmot Books

Waldo Without Wings

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Mateya Arkova

What happens when a dog wakes up on a cloud but has no wings to go down and say goodbye to his best friend? This picture book tells the story of Waldo – a playful dog who finds himself in the sky but instead of turning into a twinkling star he turns into rather transparent version of… himself. Entertaining and full of surprises, the book talks about loss and friendship in a charming way. As for the sky… it turns out to be quite a funny place.

Paperback / 250 x 250 / 32 pages / Marmot Books

The Elephant Who Wanted to Fly

written and illustrated by Lilyana Dvoryanova

What are friends for but to help you fulfil your dreams? What are dreams for if you lose your heart? What is your heart for if you are foggy inside?
A rag doll elephant and a loyal mouse meet in a beautiful story with different endings.

Hardback / 215 x 215 / 32 pages / Marmot Books