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written by Magdalena Boćko-Mysiorska and illustrated by Dorota Prończuk

Follow twins Tosia and Julek through everyday situations and watch how differently they react. The author, who is also a pedagogue and therapist, writes with great sensitivity about matters that some parents can find challenging: how to deal with the first day in kindergarten, potty training, how differently children react to water, and how to handle anger in a child.

Board Book / 230 x 270 / 19 pages / Dwukropek

Pimbumum’s Travels

written and illustrated by Nini Alaska

Pimbumum and his family are ready to go on holiday – but will 23 suitcases, an umbrella and a sailing boat fit in the small car? Of course! Just Mom, Dad, Pimbumum and his two siblings won’t fit any more… With some good ideas, they finally manage to get started and eventually reach the beach. But will 23 suitcases fit onto the sailing boat?…

Board Book / 200 x 160 / 24 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written and illustrated by Coralie Saudo and Mélanie Grandgirard

Famous fairy-tale characters meet throughout the stories that the reader invents by combining the cut-out pages as they wish. An innovative mix-and-match picture book to discover well-known classics. 4096 possible options!

 Novelty Book / 315 x 180 / 40 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets


Messy Hair Board Book

written and illustrated by Sandra Le Guen and Marjorie Béal

In this sequel to LES PIEDS EN EVENTAIL, young readers can learn everything about different types of hair. Juliette’s hair likes hair clips and hair bands and Aminata’s hair is the colour of cocoa like her skin.

Board Book / 180 x 180 / 20 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets

My Sandwich

written & illustrated by Isabel Pin

Every day I take a sandwich with me to kindergarten. But this is not just bread, it’s also tomatoes, cheese, herbs and much more. But where does it all come from? First Ferdinand, the baker wakes up early every morning and with flour, yeast, salt and water he makes a dough, shapes it and bakes it.

Board Book / 200 x 160 / 24 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written by Margarita del Mazo and illustrated by Laure du Faÿ

“Where are you, piggy?” This wolf can’t find little piggy. Will he find it behind the rock? Inside the house? Up on the tree, perhaps? What will he do when he succeeds? The classic tale re-imagined in a board book full of tenderness and fun.

Rights sold: Italian & English (UK/US)

Board Book / 155 x 200 / 26 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written by Mili Hernández and illustrated by Gómez

Federico the cat goes from one roof to another visiting all his families. Tadeo lives with his grandparents, Anna lives with her two Moms, Virginia with her Mom and Dad…All the families are different and Federico loves them.

Rights sold: Italian & English (UK/US)

Board Book / 170 x 170 / 18 pages / NubeOcho Ediciones


written and illustrated by Orit Bergman

A charming series featuring the elephant Toto and his friends in daily interactions: playing hide and seek, going to the beach and eating ice cream. Orit Bergman manages to create children’s worlds depicting familiar situations.

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 20 pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing


written by Dvora Busheri and illustrated by Noa Kelner

Dru is on the swing in the playground when Sophie comes by and asks her to play. But there’s not enough room for two on the swing. A clever and charming board book series that reveals children’s interaction on the playground.

Board Book / 200 x 200 / 20 pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing