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I am an Island

written and illustrated by Bruno Nunes Coelho

Following the daily life of an island in the middle of the ocean, I AM AN ISLAND offers a touching reflection on the state of being alone without necessarily being lonely. The island may be standing alone in the vastness of the ocean but it has company – a variety of companions swim, fly and sail past.

Bruno Nunes Coelho is a Brazilian visual artist and musician. He has won various awards for his work including the if Design Award (Germany, 2018), the International Latino Book Awards (USA, 2017), the Bid Dimad – Bienal Iberoamericana de Design (Spain, 2016) and more.

Paperback / 200 x 250 / 52 pages / Bruno Nunes Coelho

Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat

written & illustrated by Subi Bosa

A new South African comic book series by Subi Bosa, which centres around the cat Miyayu and his mischievous adventures. Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat (Vol #1, No #1) introduces Miyayu as the beloved central character of the series; a wild cat living in the big city. Miyayu has a big heart and huge ideas, but his plans never quite seem to turn out right… for him or anybody else. The comic series includes hilarious characters, such as Miyayu, Sebastian’s Cat, Tendo, Mami Wota, Miko, Chi-chi, and so many more!

Paperback / 32 pages / Imagnary House

Gino Bartali’s Secret

Written and illustrated by Kike Ibáñez

His heart was beating like never before, he was sweating more than usual although it was not due to physical effort. He was scared, he was scared that the soldiers would search the bike and discover his secret.  Fortunately, they just wanted his autograph and the cyclist was saved again. This is the story of Gino Bartali. A Tuscan who won his first Giro d’Italia in 1936 at the age of twenty-two. He had a promising future but Benito Mussolini used sport as propaganda in favor of the regime, that’s why he forced Bartali to compete in the Tour of 1938. The outbreak of WWII ended all sports competitions, but Gino kept on training and his mission was to cycle from Florence to Assisi where the safe-passage papers were printed.  From Assisi, hidden in his bicycle, Bartali carried the documents, stopped only to sign dedications. Thanks to thousands of kilometers over a bicycle, Gino managed to save lives, almost eight hundred and most of them children. He was a talent born in the right time.

Hardback / 200 x 260 / 40 pp / Bang Ediciones 

Claudio and Lucía Against The Agency Fake

Written by Max Vento and Illustrated Cristina Broquetas

Tom with his faithful dog, Hamlet, accompanies his father to New York for work. But Tom is far from imagining that his father has a surprise in store for him. There, he is introduced to his father’s girlfriend who also has a daughter Tom’s age, Lucia.

The two teenagers, despite their differences, become friends and embark on an incredible adventure.

Hardback / 190cm x 260cm / 88 pages / Mamut Comics

Join The Skeleton’s Going-Ons

Written by Triinu Laan and Illustrated by Marja-Liisa Plats

When the skeleton John retires from the anatomy class of a large school, Grams and Gramps take him to live with them. There, the skeleton’s real life began!

All the inhabitants of the forest farm seem to believe that everyone, including skeletons, is worthy of a free and wild childhood and old age.

Hardback / 180cm x 260cm / 32 pages / Paike Ja Pilv


Written by Wojciech Grajkowski and Illustrated by Agata Szargot

Nine-year-old Kamil goes to a holiday camp, and of course he is accompanied by his heart. Their joint adventures will allow the reader to find out why blood is like soup and what we need it for, how long red blood cells live and whether they really look like Silesian dumplings, why the heart beats so quickly during exercise, and how our blood can save someone’s life.

Hardback / 280cm x 238cm / 56 pages / Dwukropek

My Grandma Mum

Written and Illustrated by Lee Gee Eun

Gee-Eun spends most of her time with her grandmother. Her mum is too busy working full-time to take care of her most days. In this autobiographical picture book, the author offers readers a deeply touching view of her precious guardian, the grandma mum.

Written and illustrated by the winner of the Bologna Ragazzi 2021 Comics Early Reader Award

Hardback / 262cm x 220cm / 40 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig

Fox Tells A Lie

Written by Susanna Isern and Illustrated by Leire Salaberria

To impress his friends, Fox lies about knowing the superhero, Superturtle. As one lie leads to another, he no longer knows what to do. Will he finally tell the truth when his lies put Squirrel in danger?

Companion title to RACCOON WANTS TO BE FIRST. 

Hardback / 245cm x 210cm / 44 pages / NubeOcho

The After-Time Chronicles Trilogy

Written and Illustrated by Andy Woodage

Imagine a world without oil, where metals are only available if they can be salvaged or recycled. Imagine if coal was running out. This is a world where armies no longer build metal monsters, but biological horrors. A world where genetic engineering defines the art of war. This is 12- year-old Jothan’s world, until a catastrophic attack wipes out every homestead in The Zoological Zone.

Fiction for readers 12+

Hardback / 138cm x 210cm / 332 pages / Imagnary House

Rinti The Dragon Trilogy

Written by Donika Rizova and Illustrated by Mira Miroslavova

Greg and his family live in a beautiful house in Majorca where Greg goes to a local school and leads a pretty normal life. Rinti the Dragon has been living in the cliffs of Banyalbufar for quite some time now. He has been keeping a low profile because he knows perfectly well that people don’t believe in dragons.

One day the two of them meet. They quickly become friends and as their friendship grows, their adventures become more and more intriguing.

Hardback / 170cm x 245cm / 144 pages / Marmot Books