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There Is Room Even In The Smallest Space

written by Rieke Patwardhan and illustrated by Katja Gehrmann

“Our apartment is way too small for a pet”, Mum and Dad tell me. But everyone knows that there is space even in the smallest place, right? Even in the tiniest flat there are plenty of suitable spots for animals: A chicken’s nest would perfectly fit in a pot and some animals are flat or can curl up without needing much space. Unfortunately, Mum and Dad still say “No”. But guess what: There is a solution for when you are not allowed to have a pet…

Rights sold: Estonian

Hardback / 25 x 23 / 36 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written and illustrated by Elif Yemenici

Pina is so happy in his house. His warm home is full of peace. And outside? That’s where Pina gets a little bit scared. Maybe for him, to discover the beauties outside, a moon strawberry or a bird plum is needed…

Loved for her books which she writes and illustrates herself, Elif Yemenici uses a different technique to tell her story this time, combining her illustrations with the models she has created. Depicting the anxiety, courage, and joy of Pina, who is afraid to leave his house, this illustrated story is also a visual feast.

Hardback / 22 x 25 / 60 pages / Redhouse Kidz


written and illustrated by Janaina Tokitaka

This is a very different alphabet book. Each biographical story is presented in the form of a humorous little tale about the women portrayed. Discover the history of the English biologist Margaret Fountaine, French chef Eugénie Brazier and many other incredible professionals.

Paperback / 210 x 270 / 64 pages / Companhias das Letras

When We Sleep

written by Anna Lundgren and illustrated by Mia Olofsson

What do adults do when the children are asleep? I’m lying here in bed and can’t sleep. In the room outside, I hear soft voices. It is mother and Seba who are both awake. I wonder what they are up to.

Hardback / 180 x 180 / 28 pages / Olika Forlag

It Could Be Much Worse

written and illustrated by Einat Tsarfati

In this sequel to IT COULD BE WORSE, we follow Albertini and George’s incredible adventures in the jungle where they meet poisonous bubble frogs, a tribe of monkeys and finally reunite a baby bird with its parents. This is the fourth picture book that Einat Tsarfati has written and illustrated.

Hardback / 210 x 270 / 48 pages / Einat Tsarfati


written and illustrated by Vicente Montalbá

Nibiruis a planet inhabited by anthropomorphic reptiles about four meters tall: the Anunnaki. This gigantic planet has such a huge orbit around our sun that it takes several thousands of Earth years to complete it. At some point it passes close to Earth. And that moment is getting closer.

Comic / 215 x 295 / 112 pages / Bang Ediciones

American Dream

written and illustrated by Bazil

American Dream is piece of dark and absurd humour. A real satire of North American society about the situation of the first native Americans who were colonised and sent to reserves and stripped of their own land. A book that also looks at the gap between deep America and its big cities in particular as regards to their perception of homosexuality, patriarchy and racism. Coming in 2021 LIPANDA about the independence of Congo.

Comic / 200 x 270 / 184 pages / Bang Ediciones

The Wolf in the Moon

written and illustrated by Pamela Wehrhahne & Hernán Smicht

They say that since the dawn of time, a ferocious and implacable wolf has been watching over the moon, which houses in its bosom all the terrors of the world… But what would happen if its guardian failed in his mission? A modern fable that evokes, through an animal myth, the main themes of human history: fear, hope, imagination…

Comic / 200 x 260 / 56 pages / Bang Ediciones


written and illustrated by Andrés Tena

Locked up in her forced solitude, Astenia witnesses the evanescence of the things that surround her, without suspecting that he is observing her and desiring he. He, who is bored with the world from which he wants to escape. Destined to meet, they will come to live a murky and destructive relationship… A story that takes us from the cruel to the sensual, the real to the dreamlike, through an astonishing graphic construction full of poetry.

Comic / 200 x 285 / 136 pages / Bang Ediciones

My Retirement

written and illustrated by Abraham Martinez

April 30, 1945: the war is definitely lost. From his bunker, Adolf Hitler organizes his escape. With all the allied spies on his heels, the dictator sets out on a long journey that takes him to the Balearic Islands and Argentina. He then witnesses all the events after the armistice: the collapse of Nazism, the dismemberment of his country, and the victory of capitalism and communism.

Comic / 170 x 240 / 120 pages / Bang Ediciones