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Written by Jesper Lundqvist and illustrated by Fideli Sundqvist

In this book, Jesper Lundqvist talks about not only the war and the holocaust, but also what led up to it. In the same way as with other violence, there is a normalisation process, and we all need to know about it, even younger children. Only then can we interpret what is happening and understand what it can lead to.

Hardback / 200 x 240 mm / 98 pages / Olika Förlag


written by Leone Milton, Marie Tomičić and illustrated by Emili Svensson

What happens when you start changing the world around you instead of yourself? Much of what creates fear and anxiety has to do with our society.

By looking at structures and norms and showing what tools are available for change, anxiety and frustration can be turned into faith in the future and meaningfulness. Sequel to TAKE CHARGE: BECAUSE IT WORKS.

Hardback / 145 x 190 mm / 296 pages / Olika Förlag


written by Peppe Öhman and illustrated by Rana Kadry

When dad says that he can’t go to the beach as he promised, Adnan gets angry. Why are his parents always so tired? Adnan decides to go on his own, even though he knows he can’t. And it’s lucky, because otherwise no one would have heard the beep from the ditch. ADNAN’S SECRET is published in collaboration with the Red Cross war treatment center. The traumas from war can seriously damage a person, but with the right treatment, the chances of moving on, can increase. 

Hardback / 155 x 215 mm / 103 pages / Olika Forlag


written by John and Johan Valencia and illustrated by Bettina Johansson

Under the Hawk’s Wings!” Zita shouts. All of the children run as fast as they can. But not Miriam. She walks slowly. Because her jumper is magic. So magical that the other children get angry and don’t want to play anymore. What should Miriam do now? 

Hardback / 200 x 200 mm / 32 pages / Olika Forlag

Plants Love Poop!

Written by Kristina Henkel & Illustrated by Linda Blåfors Carlsson

A fun book that explores the wonders of plant care by diving into questions like, “Why are worms good?” and “How much water makes plants happy?” Learning about how vegetation grows is equivalent to learning about life! This book teaches children about the important topics of ecology and climate.

Paperback / 180 x 270 cm / 100 pages / Olika Forlag

When We Sleep

written by Anna Lundgren and illustrated by Mia Olofsson

What do adults do when the children are asleep? I’m lying here in bed and can’t sleep. In the room outside, I hear soft voices. It is mother and Seba who are both awake. I wonder what they are up to.

Hardback / 180 x 180 / 28 pages / Olika Forlag

Tessla’s Dad Says No

written by Äsa Mendel-Hartvig and illustrated by Caroline Röstlund

NO! Tessla’s dad doesn’t want to get up. He doesn’t want to drink his coffee. Or read the newspaper. And he definitely doesn’t want to go to work. Unless Tessla pulls him in a sled!

Rights sold: Spanish, Catalan, German

Hardback / 185×185 / 28pp / Olika Forlag

The Pirates and the Ghostly Shipwreck

written by Karin Frimodig & Sara Berg and illustrated by Maria Poll

Our beloved pirates are back! In this third title, the pirates stumble across alluring sirens. They are known to have tricked a pirate or two to their demise… How will they get out of these troubles when they’ve all lost their heads?

Hardback / 185 x 185 / 32 pages / Olika Forlag

Body’s ABC

written by Lina Boozon Ekberg, Eva Emmelin & Linda Madsen and illustrated by Alaya Vindelman

The Body’s ABC is an ABC book about the human body, offering descriptions and explanations of a number of bodily functions, emotions and parts. Fun and educational.

Paperback / 210 x 210 / 56 pages / Olika Forlag