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Written by Sarika Besesar and illustrated by Emily House

Ram and Sita are about to be crowned King and Queen of Ayodhya when they are banished to a deep, dark forest. During their exile, their strength and courage is put to the biggest test of all when Ravan, the King of the Demons, captures Sita. An exciting series of Indian Folktales

Paperback / 200 x 200 mm / 38 pages/ Imagnary House



Written and Illustrated by Lauren Holliday

Little Chick loves listening to tales of adventure told over firelight by the other farm animals late at night… but when will she have her own adventure? Follow this strong, little chick who has big ideas about who she wants to be and where she wants to adventure….

Paperback / 280 x 210 mm / 44 pages / Imagnary House




written by Claudine Storbeck & illustrated by Liz Goode

A search and find adventure book with a twist! Filbert and his friends have discovered a treasure map leading to… well, A treasure! Can you help them follow the map and find the treasure at the end? Maybe if you spot everything the map asks us to, we’ll reach gold, jewels, or even more stories.

Paperback / 210 x 280 / 36 pages / Imagnary House



Written and Illustrated by Emily House

Too young to understand the seasons, Tilly panics when her favourite tree begins to lose its leaves. Worried her poor friend is very ill, she does everything in her power to save it. a humorous, yet gentle, exploration around the rhythms of nature.

Paperback / 210 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Imaginary House



Written by Marin Troshanov and illustrated by Nikolay Mihaylov

In the abandoned factory, five metal creatures, no bigger than a human’s palm, awaken to a new life. They draw energy from a mysterious Source – during the day they protect their flower garden from pests, sandstorms and acid rain, and at night they have strange dreams. The arrival of bug-like creatures sowing destruction and chaos challenges the new order. Will the new world of wonders withstand this everlasting conflict between good and evil?

Hardback / 210 х 297 mm / 90 pages / Marmot Books


Otto Foundation

Join a group of furry and feathered friends for an exploration of the extraordinary world of words, stories, reading and writing.  Plot your course through the Map of Memories; visit the Mountains of Meaning, the Gorge of Gorgeous Words, the Forest of Feelings, and more. An interactive journal that encourages curiosity about the literary realm, using the written word as a medium to expand children’s horizons, to promote self knowledge, and to cultivate a love for reading.

Paperback / 138 x 210 / 32 pages / Imagnary House


Written by Kirsty Paxton and illustrated by Megan Lötter

One morning, a little boy with a big imagination draws a tiger. He’s just certain it’s a fearsome tiger! But his sister has doubts… it looks just like a line and a squiggle! As their debate takes off, suddenly the two siblings are thrown into a colourful world where make-believe and reality find a meeting place.

Paperback / 200 x 200 mm / 38 pages / Imagnary House


Written and Illustrated by Emily House

When Earth feels unwell, she goes to the doctor to ask for help. What the doctor prescribes seems impossible to Earth, until she wakes the next day to find a surprising change! A modern fable inspired by recent events.


Paperback/ 210 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Imagnary House


Hello Trees

Written by Bailey Bezuidenhout and illustrated by Maria Lebedeva

This is a story about trees. A little girl wonders through a forest and asks questions about trees. She runs her hands along their trunks, the lines in the bark so different to her, yet somewhat familiar. Like trees, we are a culmination of our memories, and of our future.

Rights sold: English (North America), Korean, French, German, Spanish & Portuguese (Brazil)

Paperback / 210 x 280/ 36pp / Imagnary House


Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat

written & illustrated by Subi Bosa

A new South African comic book series by Subi Bosa, which centres around the cat Miyayu and his mischievous adventures. Miyayu: The Mischievous Cat (Vol #1, No #1) introduces Miyayu as the beloved central character of the series; a wild cat living in the big city. Miyayu has a big heart and huge ideas, but his plans never quite seem to turn out right… for him or anybody else. The comic series includes hilarious characters, such as Miyayu, Sebastian’s Cat, Tendo, Mami Wota, Miko, Chi-chi, and so many more!

Paperback / 32 pages / Imagnary House