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Written and Illustrated by Leo Arias

PizzaPopotamo is expanding their business to the ultimate frontier: space. New adventures await our charming pizza-delivery rabbit. Will rabbit manage to deliver orders to another planet? A new story in the successful silent comics series for children who can’t read text yet.

Paperback / 190 cm x 260cm / 40 pages / Mamut Comics


Claudio and Lucía Against The Agency Fake

Written by Max Vento and Illustrated Cristina Broquetas

Tom with his faithful dog, Hamlet, accompanies his father to New York for work. But Tom is far from imagining that his father has a surprise in store for him. There, he is introduced to his father’s girlfriend who also has a daughter Tom’s age, Lucia.

The two teenagers, despite their differences, become friends and embark on an incredible adventure.

Hardback / 190cm x 260cm / 88 pages / Mamut Comics


Written and Illustrated by Leo Arias

A purple hippo prepares tasty pizzas and sends them to his customers’ homes with the help of a speedy white rabbit.

But the rabbit’s path is full of unusual situations that greatly complicate his mission. Eventually he finds himself at the edge of a gloomy and dark forest that he has to cross to deliver his order…

Hardback / 190 cm x 260cm / 40 pages / Mamut Comics

Zonia and the Fire

Written and Illustrated by Fer Calvi

An Amazon tribe tribe must abandon their village because of a dangerous, fast- approaching fire. Zonia, a girl who dreams of becoming a warrior the likes of which the grandmothers of the tribe tell tales about, does not understand why they need to flee.

She believes they should fight!

Hardback / 190 x 260 cm / 56 pages / Mamut Comics

Mamut Listo

MAMUT LISTO is a comics collection about science and scientists because without them life would be very different! Meet Carl Friedrich Gauss, Archimedes and Emmy Noether. Next Santiago Selvi Nácher.

Comic / 240 x 170 / 64 pages / Mamut Comics

Lidia and the Other Side

written and illustrated by Vicente Montalbá

Lidia is in sixth grade and leads an almost normal life. But she believes herself to be overprotected by her parents and by her friend Martin, a boy two years older than her who has always seen her as his little sister. One day, she discovers a letter from Martin explaining the reason for so much protection… Other title in the series LIDIA AND THE KINGDOM OF MUNH.

Comic / 190 x 260 / 56 pages / Mamut Comics 9+

Lola and Blue

written and illustrated by Lorenzo Montatore

Lola loves to conquer new imaginary countries, and Blu is ready to share his sister’s adventures. A cardboard box becomes a time machine or a spaceship until their parents bring them back to reality. Montatore was rising star at the Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona. This is his first work for children.

Comic / 190 x 260 / 48 pages / Mamut Comics 6+

Ball-Fish Series

written by Gabriela Rubio and illustrated by Edgar Ramírez

Ball-Fish loves to change shapes. One day, when he meets someone very special, everything changes. Also in the series: BALL-FISH GROWS UP and BALL-FISH AND ROSA’S COLOURFUL LIFE. With BALL-FISH young readers will learn about shapes and forms, the future and colours.

Comic / 165 x 200 / 32 pages / Mamut Wistiti


written and illustrated by Max Luchini

Ofelia and her father are very hungry, but they cannot agree on the menu. Her father, a great hunter, fancies roast beef, whilst Ofelia would like to eat vegetarian. Will they manage to make a dinner that suits them both?

Comic / 190 x 260 / 40 pages / Mamut Comics 3+

My Good Star

written and illustrated by Cecila Pisos & Gastón Caba

One night, while braiding her hair, Lucia’s mother picks up a star from the sky and hangs it on Lucia’s hairstyle… Immediately, the girl and her star become inseparable! But can we really tame a star?

Comic / 165 x 200 / 32 pages / Mamut Comics