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Rinti The Dragon Trilogy

Written by Donika Rizova and Illustrated by Mira Miroslavova

Greg and his family live in a beautiful house in Majorca where Greg goes to a local school and leads a pretty normal life. Rinti the Dragon has been living in the cliffs of Banyalbufar for quite some time now. He has been keeping a low profile because he knows perfectly well that people don’t believe in dragons.

One day the two of them meet. They quickly become friends and as their friendship grows, their adventures become more and more intriguing.

Hardback / 170cm x 245cm / 144 pages / Marmot Books

Tales from the World of the Motts (2 titles)

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

The Adventures of the Motts series was so well received that Marmot Books developed an extended line for younger kids. The tales tell stories about the young Motts who are as curious as small children, and face challenges like fear of the dark or getting in trouble.

Titles in the series: Mux’s First Mischief and Princess Pagu Can’t Fall Asleep

Hardback / 140 x 210 / 32 pages / Marmot Books

The Adventures of the Motts (4 titles)

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

These fascinating creatures find plenty of adventures and brave quests that will change the world of children and adults forever. An unforgettable journey awaits, taking you on the wildest ride of your imagination. Get ready for a lot of fun, adventures, love, fights and emotions.
Are you ready?

A series of 4 books: Hello Brand-New Day, Mux Strikes Back, The Princess Who Had the Hiccups and The Magician Has the Last Laugh

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese, Finnish

Paperback / 140 x 210 / 96 pages / Marmot Books

Agatha – My First Year at School (12 titles)

written by Aleksandra Georgieva and illustrated by Margarita Stamenova

What emotions, relationships, and challenges is Agatha going to face and deal with in her first year at school? Finding oneself in a new and unfamiliar environment is exciting indeed! Besides, the year promises to be emotional for her friends, mommy, daddy, granny, as well as her favourite tomcat Balthazar. 
A series of 12 books including: A Cactus in a Flowerpot, A Little Bit of Courage, What Chocolate Muffins Cannot Do, and Christmas Magic.

Paperback / 130 x 197 / 56 pages / Marmot Books

Waldo Without Wings

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Mateya Arkova

What happens when a dog wakes up on a cloud but has no wings to go down and say goodbye to his best friend? This picture book tells the story of Waldo – a playful dog who finds himself in the sky but instead of turning into a twinkling star he turns into rather transparent version of… himself. Entertaining and full of surprises, the book talks about loss and friendship in a charming way. As for the sky… it turns out to be quite a funny place.

Paperback / 250 x 250 / 32 pages / Marmot Books

The Elephant Who Wanted to Fly

written and illustrated by Lilyana Dvoryanova

What are friends for but to help you fulfil your dreams? What are dreams for if you lose your heart? What is your heart for if you are foggy inside?
A rag doll elephant and a loyal mouse meet in a beautiful story with different endings.

Hardback / 215 x 215 / 32 pages / Marmot Books

The Incredible Adventures of BlueFoot and Buzz

written by Maria Angelova and illustrated by Elena Vladinova

BlueFoot, the bird with blue feet, and Buzz , the adventurous bee are never bored – they simply don’t have time amongst all the adventures they plunge into.
The two of them go hunting for Aborigines; go on an expedition to the North Pole and Father Christmas’ house; chase away a runaway circus crocodile firing rotten apples at them; find a time-travel portal in Bluefoot’s kitchen; meet the sulkiest rabbit in the whole world, and whatnot.
In a string of sad, funny, and scary events, the two of them enjoy themselves and before they know it, they learn what friendship is.

Hardback / 165 x 215 / 80 pages / Marmot Books 5-8

My Beautiful Antlers

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Melina-Elina Bondokova

This is the story of the one-antlered deer called Vu “short for Vundabah”, and his friends – the swallow Constance and the ladybird Vincent. It’s an unusual friendship that helps Vu grow up and learn that life often gives us bitter lessons but only to show us that we can handle anything, should we  find the inner strength to see how we can benefit from every situation…
This is a story that teaches how important it is to never lose hope, to never fear the unknown, to never give up, to love yourself the way you are, and to remain optimistic no matter what.

Hardback / 220 x 280 / 56 pages / Marmot Books 8-11

Miss Wacky Jacky

written by Radostina Nikolova and illustrated by Hristina Eftimova

Do you think you’re brave enough to face Miss Wacky Jacky who may (or may not be) able to turn people into rabbits, goats, owls and other weird things? The twins Lina and Niko are forced to leave the city and move to the country where one funny and scary acquaintance awaits them…
Not only have their summer vacation plans fallen through but their new neighbour is a real witch. And yet, could this boring village turn into an exciting adventure?

Paperback / 165 x 230 / 160 pages / Marmot Books 9-12