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The Seed Hat

written by Sima Özkan and illustrated by Kübra Teber

When a young girl’s hat full of seeds flies away, the seeds spread out everywhere. Discover what comes out of these seeds and when to eat which vegetables and fruits. Each fruit and vegetable is introduced with its seed, flower and fruit. An instructive book about healthy and seasonal eating.

Paperback / 270 x 185 / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Dream First

written by Judith Malika Liberman and illustrated by Zeynap Özatalay

Joseph was a tailor. He would dream up something new just for his customers. One day, Joseph finally made himself a coat. When it got worn out, he turned it into a jacket, and then a vest, then a tie. A brand-new series (3 titles) to discover international folktales.

Rights sold: Russian

Paperback / 220 x 255 / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz

The Itchy Mountain

written by Simlâ Sunay and illustrated by Burcu Yılmaz

Miners ruin the mountain’s skin and constructors pour asphalt on its back. When a mountain asks for its back to be scratched, the villagemen cut down the trees to scratch it more. But the mountain starts vomitting, gets cold and sick and finally it stands silent.

Paperback / 220 x 220 / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz


written by Büşra Tarçalır Erol and illustrated by Uğur Altun

Bully-Fish liked to make fun of others because it made him feel powerful. One day, he comes across a huge cat who is going to change Bully-Fish’s life dramatically by getting him to think about power and loneliness. Büşra Tarçalır Erol is a clinical psychologist and children’s book author.

Paperback / 220 x 220 / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Aytül Akal; Mavisel Yener & Ece Zeber

In the forest there is an apple tree and all the animals are drawn to its juicy apples. But how can they collect them? Along the story, we see how nine different animals plans to pick these apples and come up with funny ideas, only to discover that the apples have already been collected by someone else! A humorous wordless picture book about sharing.

Redhouse Kidz / 240 x 240 / 40 pages

World except Turkish


written by Sima Özkan and illustrated by Zeynep Özatalay

It’s the first day of school. Deniz is surprised to see one of his classmates drink from a glass water bottle. Deniz’s classmate tells how she decided to reduce waste after visiting the landfill in her town. Simple actions can make a big difference!

Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil), Greek, Korean, Simplified Chinese & Romanian

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Sezin Mavioglu & Gokce Irten

This story is about an ant wo lives in books. One day when the ant and its family are visiting a house in search of food, our hero runs away and finds itself in a bookcase. There the ant dives into the world of books. It meets letters and figures out how to write. It sees numbers and punctuation marks.

Redhouse Kidz / 210 x 255 / 40 pages

World except Turkish & Korean


written by Şiirsel Taş and illustrated by Akin Düzakin

A child turns into an oak tree and the tree starts its life all alone in a city. It grows into a forest as the seasons pass and becomes friends with many animals and insects and endures difficulties. By one of the most appreciated Turkish authors, a powerful and poetic story about the cycle of nature and about how a seed or a small act can grow into greater things. Worldwide-known illustrator Akin Düzakin beautifully illustrates with his unique style.

Rights sold: Estonian

Paperback / 200 x 255 / 44 pages / Redhouse Kidz


written by Özge Özedemir & illustrated by Ezgi Platin

A series of four books that gives children the perspective to think about everyday problems, evaluate situations and understand common concepts. In each book, students gather at the philosophy club, they listen to a mythological story and then they debate about a specific topic related to that story…

Redhouse Kidz / 120 x 180 mm / 40 pages

World except Turkish


written by Özge Bahar Sunar and illustrated by Uğur Altun

When it starts raining, everybody runs away. The Rain, upset to see that people are annoyed by its presence, vows that it will not rain anymore and stays on the ground. Lakes dry out, green pastures turn yellow, and people are exhausted from the heat. Everything changes when the Rain meets a hearing-impaired little girl who loves dancing to the sound of rain drops.

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 215 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz