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Written by Judith Malika Liberman and illustrated by Zeynep Özatalay

In this 4th and final title in the FOLK TALE SERIES, we meet Aunt Feride who  made vinegar and pickles. Her neighbours named her house a “vinegar cube.” One day, a happy fairy noticed clouds of unhappiness rising from the “vinegar cube.” And then, a lot changed…

Paperback / 220 x 255 mm / 40 pages/ Redhouse Kidz



Written by Şiirsel Taş and illustrated by Duygu Topçu

The baby bittern learns to be completely invisible in order to hide in its natural environment, like its mother. But when one day it gets separated from the herd when migrating, it must learn to be visible so that its mother can find its. A separation during migration combining narrative and non-fiction.

Paperback / 190 x 200 mm / 48 pages / Redhouse Kidz


A Far Mountain, A Close Adventure  / A Small Dot, A Big Elephant

Written by Özge Özdemir and illustrated by Gökçe Akgül

Little Thinkers’ Series aims to activate children’s reasoning and conceptualisation skills. “What is far and close?” Let’s look at past and future events and think about being far or close in space, time, and emotion. “What is small and big?” It is through comparisons that we describe something as small or big.

Paperback / 220 x 220 mm / 24 pages / Redhouse Kidz




Written by Mavisel Yener and Illustrated by Öykü Akarca

Asaf decides to apply what he learned from a documentary. He has learned that everything that is consumed excessively upsets our planet. When he realises that he can start helping the Earth, he examines his family’s daily life. A call for creative thinking from award-winning author Mavisel Yener, nominated for the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award and the 2022 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA).

Paperback / 150 x 200 mm / 60 pages / Redhouse Kidz



Written by Gökçe Gökçeer and Illustrated by Uğur Altun

A poetic and touching story written inspired by true events. In 1992, scientists discovered a whale with a different frequency that made it impossible to communicate with other whales. So, scientists gave him the name “52 Hertz Whale” and thought that he was the loneliest whale in the world.

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese

Paperback / 220 x 220 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Written by Nuri Kurucu and Illustrated by Gökçe Akgül

There is something strange about this book! Some words are misused. The narrator asks the readers to replace the wrong words with their antonyms to put everything in order. With the author’s funstyle and Gökçe Akgül’s colourful illustrations, THE WORST DAY EVER invites readers to a fun word game with antonyms.

Paperback / 220 x 220 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Written by Nuri Kurucu and Illustrated by Selin Tahtakılıç

Mr. Third lives on the third floor of house number three, on the third street of the third avenue. One day, a woman asks for five tickets from Mr. Third, who works at the amusement park’s box office. She offers to teach him numbers

Paperback / 200 x 200 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz



Written by Göknur Birincioğlu and Illustrated by Merve Atılgan

Merope is one of the many stars in the sky. It is a little shy and afraid of not being able to spread its light. One icy night, it clings to the wind and falls from the sky on warm sheep’s wool! Its journey of self-discovery begins ….

Paperback / 220 x 220 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz


Walking Sycamore

Written by Simla Sunay and Illustrated by Huban Korman

Atatürk had a mansion built next to a great sycamore tree. However, after a while, the branches of the sycamore tree began to damage the roof of the mansion. So, the gardener asked Atatürk for permission to cut the branches. Atatürk responded that instead of cutting off the branches, the mansion should be moved!

Hardback / 220 x 255 / 36 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Stone Soup

Retold by Judith Malika Liberman and Illustrated by Zeynep Özatalay

The second title in a folktale new series, this story follows a traveler as he enters a new village. He knocks on the first door and asks for food and a corner to sleep in. But the village woman turns him down. He knocks again, this time to ask for a cauldron from the woman. This request, she agrees to. He then starts preparing a delicious soup in the village square with only the round stones in his pockets.

Rights sold: Japanese

Hardback / 220×255 cm / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz