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Pimbumum’s Travels

written and illustrated by Nini Alaska

Pimbumum and his family are ready to go on holiday – but will 23 suitcases, an umbrella and a sailing boat fit in the small car? Of course! Just Mom, Dad, Pimbumum and his two siblings won’t fit any more… With some good ideas, they finally manage to get started and eventually reach the beach. But will 23 suitcases fit onto the sailing boat?…

Board Book / 200 x 160 / 24 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Cast Off!

written and illustrated by Valentina Brüning

Rita’s 10th birthday is just around the corner – she will have a big party and her Dad who lives in Spain will come to see Rita and her Mum. But all of her plans go down the tube when Rita’s Mum suddenly shows up with a new boyfriend with his three annoying sons.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 160 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Three Times Frodo

written and illustrated by Jutta Nymphius & Julia Christians

Seven-year-old Thea lives her guinea pig Frodo more than anything. However, Frodo is already old, and Thea knows that it might pass away soon. Thea’s mother, father and brother are quite upset when they detect the animal corpse in the cage.

Hardback / 135 x 192 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Then I’ll Go Now, Time Said

written by Bettina Obrecht and illustrated by Julie Völk

It’s Sunday and Time has come for a visit. Lara and the Time are good friends. But Lara’s family seems to have something against it. They talk about passing Time or even killing it. Time decides to leave. But nobody can help Lara as no one seems to have time for the Time. Will she trace its path and find it again?

RIGHTS SOLD: Swedish, Danish & Estonian

Hardback / 210 x 280 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Shark Holidays

written and illustrated by Nini Alaska

Marie loves sharks. She paints them every day and knows a lot of the various kinds that exist. Spring break is approaching, and Marie is ready for an adventure. She spins her globe and each time her finger lands on an ocean or a sea. Her father, who is a marine biologist, agrees to go on a special shark holiday in the Baltic Sea.

Picture Book / 250 x 230 / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Grumpy Dad

written and illustrated by Ulf K.

A young boy has a dad who really likes to complain. When he spills something or when he forgets to take off his outdoor shoes or even when he is just a little bit late. Ulf K. introduces us to the grumpy-type dad and compares him to the superhero-like dads and shows that grumpy dads aren’t bad after all.

Rights sold: Estonian

Picture book / 250 x 230 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

My Sandwich

written & illustrated by Isabel Pin

Every day I take a sandwich with me to kindergarten. But this is not just bread, it’s also tomatoes, cheese, herbs and much more. But where does it all come from? First Ferdinand, the baker wakes up early every morning and with flour, yeast, salt and water he makes a dough, shapes it and bakes it.

Board Book / 200 x 160 / 24 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Heart of Stone

written and illustrated by Jutta Nymphus

Kay seems to be out of favour with everyone and since his father has lost his job, it isn’t pleasant at home. As he is almost suspended from school, his German teacher wants to give him a last chance. From now on, Kay needs to take care of a special-needs child, Greta.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 144 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written and illustrated by Charlotte Habersack and Susanne Göhlich

Giraffe Gawkie wonders: Why are there so many leaves on the ground? Jona explains that fall is coming – but Gawkie simply doesn’t understand what fall means. Oh dear, Gawkie does not know the four seasons! Time for Jona to help him! A playful story for very first readers.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written by Petra Postert and illustrated by Jens Rassmus

The holiday season has arrived! Jim and his dad are on their way to the seaside. But the ride is long for young Jim is getting bored. Are we there yet? Maybe Dad could tell a story to make the journey go faster? How about the story of a goat and the goose on their way to the seaside! By the author and illustrator of I STILL NEED ALL OF IT!

Picture Book / 250 x 230 / 36 pages / Tulipan Verlag