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written by Claudine Storbeck & illustrated by Liz Goode

A search and find adventure book with a twist! Filbert and his friends have discovered a treasure map leading to… well, A treasure! Can you help them follow the map and find the treasure at the end? Maybe if you spot everything the map asks us to, we’ll reach gold, jewels, or even more stories.

Paperback / 210 x 280 / 36 pages / Imagnary House



Otto Foundation

Join a group of furry and feathered friends for an exploration of the extraordinary world of words, stories, reading and writing.  Plot your course through the Map of Memories; visit the Mountains of Meaning, the Gorge of Gorgeous Words, the Forest of Feelings, and more. An interactive journal that encourages curiosity about the literary realm, using the written word as a medium to expand children’s horizons, to promote self knowledge, and to cultivate a love for reading.

Paperback / 138 x 210 / 32 pages / Imagnary House

Cool Kids Project (17 titles)

A series of 17 titles split according to four themes:
Growth and Independence
Personality and Sociality
Experience and Travel
Coexistence and Respect

These books provide advice and useful tips from experts in the field as well as individual projects for readers to complete at the end of each book. Readers are inspired to find their own areas of interest while building their knowledge and personalities.

Hardback / 200 x 250 / 96 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig


written & illustrated by Liebet Jooste
Liebetland is a wacky world where anything that might be imagined is true. It is a place where strange creatures of all sizes and shapes live amongst wonderful plants and things in colourful landscapes. A world of diversity, adventure, and of making impossible things possible. Unlike most colouring books, this one’s illustrations run onto one another (forming a 6-metre long illustration if you connected all the pages). Paperback / 200 x 200 / 32pp / Imaginary House

Free Drawing

written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval
On a rainy night or a foggy afternoon, who has never seen themselves with a handful of pencils and their imagination on the loose?  More than a coloring book, FREE DRAWING is an invitation to dive into the universe of colours and strokes, filling spaces and white with a lot of imagination. From the botanical garden to the world of shadows, the reader follows a boy’s wanderings  and is invited to join, whether with crayons, wax chalk, watercolor, or just as an observer – this creative journey.


Paperback / 170 X 260 / 144 pages / Companhias das Letras

Alphabet Factory

written & illustrated by Katia Canton

Even though we are surrounded by WORDS and know how important it is for us to learn how to read and write, we do not usually stop to think about the fun words can bring us. But the truth is, we can make Art, write POETRY, and invent GAMES with the words of our alphabet, and all we need in order to do that is a bit of CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION. So open the doors of this little big factory and with each letter, from A to Z, you will find new suggestions and texts about the VISUAL ARTS, SCIENCE, CULTURE, HISTORY, and LITERATURE, as well as POEMS and ideas for several activities.  Continue reading

Little Factory of Ideas

written & illustrated by Katia Canton

An almanac for children, parents and teachers, divided into the following sections: Making Art, Little Cultural Factory, Once Upon a Time Factory, and Not Mincing Your Words. This book includes a range of more than eighty traditional-style games and activities that are well able to compete with today’s Ipads and the like. As well as being simple and extremely good fun, they involve information about language and literature, the art world and famous artists, ecology and the environment and the many different cultures today.  Continue reading

The Book of Collections

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno                                                                                              Mafalda collects leaves and carefully puts them inside a book she received as a gift from her uncle. The snail ate a leaf from Mafalda’s sequence. Can you tell which one? Tiago collects blue things. To continue Tiago’s sequence, what could be the three other blue things to add in? Under the bed of Luca lives a spider named Victoria who collects in her web insects. Can you guess how this sequence was organized? Continue reading

B is for Book

written & illustrated by Estúdio Lógos
A simple and stimulating book to learn the letters of the alphabet. The visual association of letters to daily parts of life will make the remembering process fun and easier for children. Julio founded the Lógos studio in 2012 to make graphic design projects for publishers, galleries, cultural institutions ….

Paperback / 204 x 204 / 36 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas