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Tech Girls

Written and Illustrated by Gómez

The day Lucky disappears, Ada, Oli and Kat are thrust on a journey to Mars that will test their courage and powers of invention! Will they be able to save Lucky in time?

Join the Tech Girls, Ada, Oli and Kat, three fantastic inventors, and Algorithm the robot as they embark on their most important adventure yet!

Hardback / 190cm x 250cm / 80 pages / NubeOcho


Written and Illustrated by Leo Arias

A purple hippo prepares tasty pizzas and sends them to his customers’ homes with the help of a speedy white rabbit.

But the rabbit’s path is full of unusual situations that greatly complicate his mission. Eventually he finds himself at the edge of a gloomy and dark forest that he has to cross to deliver his order…

Hardback / 190 cm x 260cm / 40 pages / Mamut Comics

Zonia and the Fire

Written and Illustrated by Fer Calvi

An Amazon tribe tribe must abandon their village because of a dangerous, fast- approaching fire. Zonia, a girl who dreams of becoming a warrior the likes of which the grandmothers of the tribe tell tales about, does not understand why they need to flee.

She believes they should fight!

Hardback / 190 x 260 cm / 56 pages / Mamut Comics

Lets Go!

Written and Illustrated by Marta Cunill

When three bird friends decide that they have had enough of migrating, they choose to stay up north. But as winter settles in, cold and hunger follow. After trying everything, from winter coats to hibernating, they realise that they have no choice but to migrate.  When they finally arrive, they are in for a surprise… A charming book that introduces the theme of birds and migration.

Rights sold: English (North America), French, Spanish and Catalan

hardback  / 165×220 cm / 32 pages / Bang Ediciones

Tin Brother

Written and Illustrated by Yaniv Shimony


Gidi’s life is miserable. The school bullies won’t stop harassing him, the girl he likes doesn’t seem to notice him and all his parents talk about all day is his new baby sister. If anything, Gidi needs a big brother! But one day he stumbles across something in the scrap yard of old Adler, and then all the sudden, the bullies are scared of HIM. 

Hardback / 165 x 260 cm / 98 pages / Kinneret Comics


written and illustrated by Vicente Montalbá

Nibiruis a planet inhabited by anthropomorphic reptiles about four meters tall: the Anunnaki. This gigantic planet has such a huge orbit around our sun that it takes several thousands of Earth years to complete it. At some point it passes close to Earth. And that moment is getting closer.

Comic / 215 x 295 / 112 pages / Bang Ediciones

American Dream

written and illustrated by Bazil

American Dream is piece of dark and absurd humour. A real satire of North American society about the situation of the first native Americans who were colonised and sent to reserves and stripped of their own land. A book that also looks at the gap between deep America and its big cities in particular as regards to their perception of homosexuality, patriarchy and racism. Coming in 2021 LIPANDA about the independence of Congo.

Comic / 200 x 270 / 184 pages / Bang Ediciones

The Wolf in the Moon

written and illustrated by Pamela Wehrhahne & Hernán Smicht

They say that since the dawn of time, a ferocious and implacable wolf has been watching over the moon, which houses in its bosom all the terrors of the world… But what would happen if its guardian failed in his mission? A modern fable that evokes, through an animal myth, the main themes of human history: fear, hope, imagination…

Comic / 200 x 260 / 56 pages / Bang Ediciones


written and illustrated by Andrés Tena

Locked up in her forced solitude, Astenia witnesses the evanescence of the things that surround her, without suspecting that he is observing her and desiring he. He, who is bored with the world from which he wants to escape. Destined to meet, they will come to live a murky and destructive relationship… A story that takes us from the cruel to the sensual, the real to the dreamlike, through an astonishing graphic construction full of poetry.

Comic / 200 x 285 / 136 pages / Bang Ediciones

My Retirement

written and illustrated by Abraham Martinez

April 30, 1945: the war is definitely lost. From his bunker, Adolf Hitler organizes his escape. With all the allied spies on his heels, the dictator sets out on a long journey that takes him to the Balearic Islands and Argentina. He then witnesses all the events after the armistice: the collapse of Nazism, the dismemberment of his country, and the victory of capitalism and communism.

Comic / 170 x 240 / 120 pages / Bang Ediciones