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Written by Gina Chew and illustrated by Nadhir Nor

As Kyra’s younger brother lies in the hospital, she encounters a mysterious boy whom she feels an inexplicable connection to.  Spirit Keeper Eric was just there to do his job – bring a soul into the Afterlife. Afterlife is an epic Southeast Asian-inspired young adult fantasy graphic novel about one girl’s sacrifice as she fights to save what she loves, without losing herself in the midst of it all.

Paperback  / 167 x 257 mm / 208 pages / Difference Engine



Written and Illustrated by Kifurai a.k.a. Kiana Fedly

Sophomore student Rara hates cats. Until one fateful night when a fatal bike accident changes everything… A second chance at life beckons, but there’s a catch: She has to get her body back. The bigger catch? She’s now a cat.

Paperback  / A5 / 260 pages / Difference Engine




Written and Illustrated by Markus Färber and Christine Färber

After the sudden suicide of their father, two siblings begin a silent correspondence: she writes to him, he sends drawings back. Each filled page makes visible what words often lack. The dialogue opens a world full of enchanted memories, riddles and feelings that, as intimate as they may be, bring to light something universal: a catastrophe.

Paperback / 195 x 270 mm / 116 pages/ Rotopol Press