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written by Peppe Öhman and illustrated by Rana Kadry

When dad says that he can’t go to the beach as he promised, Adnan gets angry. Why are his parents always so tired? Adnan decides to go on his own, even though he knows he can’t. And it’s lucky, because otherwise no one would have heard the beep from the ditch. ADNAN’S SECRET is published in collaboration with the Red Cross war treatment center. The traumas from war can seriously damage a person, but with the right treatment, the chances of moving on, can increase. 

Hardback / 155 x 215 mm / 103 pages / Olika Forlag


Written by Donika Rizova and Illustrated by Mira Miroslavova

The war between the Order of Kings and the Order of Dragons has been going on for centuries. Now their Knights are about to meet again in a tense fight over the future of dragons and peace on Earth. Dragon eggs hidden in various places all around the Northern part of the Globe are at stake. Rintie the Dragon and the boy Greg are about to embark on that dangerous adventure.

Hardback / 170cm x 245cm / 144 pages / Marmot Books