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Written by Ilona Łepkowska and illustrated by Dorota Prończuk

Irmo is a wonderful terrier. We follow his story from the moment he was adopted, through his whole life full of fun and love, until his departure over the rainbow bridge. A warm book that helps children with the painful situation of the death of a beloved pet.

Hardback / 200 x 265mm / 64 pages / Dwukropek



written and illustrated by Charlotte Habersack and Susanne Göhlich

Giraffe Gawkie wonders: Why are there so many leaves on the ground? Jona explains that fall is coming – but Gawkie simply doesn’t understand what fall means. Oh dear, Gawkie does not know the four seasons! Time for Jona to help him! A playful story for very first readers.

Hardback / 148 x 210 / 48 pages / Tulipan Verlag


written by Anti Saar & illustrated by Anna Ring

Pärt and his dad have finished shopping and are queuing to pay. Suddenly, Dad notices that he has forgotten something. ”Stay here, Pärt!,” says Dad. But the line is moving fast and Pärt has to put things on the conveyer belt. A series about uncomfortable situations familiar to all children.

Rights sold: Polish, Danish, Latvian, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian & Russian

Hardback / 160 x 210 / 32 pages / Paike Ja Pilv


written by Marcin Pałasz and illustrated by Monika Suska

We meet a group of friendly monsters who live on the edge of the Gloomy Forest. They spend their time baking buns and eating candies. There is almost nothing that could disturb them. Almost… as there is also this crazy duck who wears a tutu and believes she is an opera diva.

Paperback / 163 x 265 / 96 pages / Dwukropek


Laurent Audouin

Mathilde and her schoolmates are going on a school field trip – this time let’s go underground! During a week they learn about speleology, life in caves and what comes with it – bats and darkness, silence, mood… An exciting new title in this successful charming series about school trips. Also in the series; London, Paris, skiing, seaside and expedition.


Kai Pannen
Ugulu is bored – together with his sister Mim, he always has to collect mushrooms for the winter because his family thinks that he is too slim to go hunting. As Ugulu decides to build a trap to catch a mammoth, Rondur, the leader of the clan, falls inside the hole. And as the siblings find a little wolf and take it home, Rondur is even less amused.

Tulipan Verlag / 148 x 210 / 48 pp

World Except German


written by Jutta Nymphius & illustrated by Susanne Göhlich

Maja needs to spend the night alone in hospital after falling from the swing. Even worse, the girl she is sharing the room with is crying and complaining. When later in the evening, something is moving outside the window, both girls get scared. It is a white cat which is trying to shelter form the rain. But are cats allowed in hospitals? A small adventure begins in which the girls slowly start to get to know each other.

Hardback / 192 x 135 / 64 pp / Tulipan Verlag 


OVER HERE! KOSSE SAYS (Soccer Stars Series)

written by Anja Gatu & illustrated by Maria Källström

An inspiring story based on the childhood of the internationally acclaimed Swedish football player Kosovare Asllani. Kosse loves playing football, but how can she improve her technique if no one wants to practise with her? Her brothers think she’s too small. Her best friend Emma thinks football is boring. It all changes when Kosse and her classmates are picked to represent their school in a local football tournament. Also in the series WHAT A GOAL KOSSE.


Hardback / 155 x 215 / 84 pages / Olika Forlag

Granny Meerkats Series

written by Nihan Temiz & illustrated by Şebnem Aydın Gündüz

Two elderly meerkats move into a forest hut from their overly crowded underground house. Their new house is just as they’ve dreamt of – in a clearing with a great view. Granny Meerkats organize a party to meet the forest animals but they make a huge mistake on the invitations, which leads to a surprisingly funny outcome. GRANNY MEERKATS THROW A PARTY includes three easy-to-read funny stories. Second title to be published in 2018. Redhouse Kidz / Paperback / 170 x 200 / 60 pages

Wilderness Next Door

written by Petra Postert & illustrated by Susanne Strasser

cover_wilderness-next-doorHow can summer holidays be so unbearably bleak? Mathis finds no variety in the blistering heat. “Come on up, I will show you my garden!” Suddenly calls out a strange girl sitting on his garden wall. The girl named Majella, turns out to be his neighbour. And Majella wants nothing more than an adventure. Mathis pulls himself together and climbs over the wall. Henceforth begins for both a long journey of discovery through the front yard, past the rose hedges, Between thick trees and tall grass they discover in this vast wild garden a small cottage. In no time this summer holidays are the best of their lives. Continue reading