Wilderness Next Door

written by Petra Postert & illustrated by Susanne Strasser

cover_wilderness-next-doorHow can summer holidays be so unbearably bleak? Mathis finds no variety in the blistering heat. “Come on up, I will show you my garden!” Suddenly calls out a strange girl sitting on his garden wall. The girl named Majella, turns out to be his neighbour. And Majella wants nothing more than an adventure. Mathis pulls himself together and climbs over the wall. Henceforth begins for both a long journey of discovery through the front yard, past the rose hedges, Between thick trees and tall grass they discover in this vast wild garden a small cottage. In no time this summer holidays are the best of their lives.A novel about the joy of children to be a bit grown up. By the author of I STILL NEED ALL OF IT! WILDERNESS NEXT DOOR is part of in KLEINER ROMAN SERIES aimed at 8-10 year-old readers – a fast-growing series with quality stories and a distinctive design. It covers topics such as self-discovery and self-awareness during the transition years between childhood and adolescence. Other titles in the series: LITTLE AFRICA / ELVIRAS BIRD by Antje Damm; GRANDPA MEUME & I by Maggie Schneider; LISA & FLUFF by Andrea Schomburg.

Hardback / 192 x 135 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag