Where is Love?

written by  Kätlin Vainola & illutsrated by Kertu Sillaste
Where is Love_cover
“How do you know, that you love me?” asked Sarah’s mother. “I just know it, I feel it here and here and here,” said mother and pointed at her heart and head and stomach. Where is love, if you cannot feel it? Is it alive? What color is it? Can you touch it? What can you do with it? Can you get rid of it?

RIGHTS SOLD: GermanIn this story love is in the cake, that’s baked in the oven. Love is in the picture, father is hanging on the wall. Love is in that hand stroking a cat. Love must be cared for and you must learn to keep it alive.

Kätlin Vainola (1978) published her first children’s book Ville in 2006. She has written fiction and popular science stories for kids. Her last books Lift (illustrator Ulla Saar), and Where is Love? (illustrator Kertu Sillaste) have been warmly received by readers and critics. Kätlin Vainola lives with her husband and two sons in Tallinn.

Kertu Silaste (1973) has illustrated 11 children’s books, works for magazines, and has also designed books for adults. For a long time her preferred tools have been ink and a brush. Kertu loves to draw on paper by hand. Then she started to work with computer. With her latest books she has introduced a paper collage technique and dropped the computer.

2013 – Põlvepiku (The Knee-High) Book Competition, first place.
2014 – 5 Best-Designed Children’s Books, Special Jury Prize for wonderful illustrations.

Hardback / 240 x 200 / 32 pages / Päike ja Pilv