Tiu and the Dove

written & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

tuvi ei taha saia KAANED.inddA dove lived in a big city. She loved to eat ice cream in the summer. But like all doves, she had no money to buy it. People always threw her white bread, nothing else. The dove was tired of it, as her appetite for bread was long gone. She would have loved a cone of vanilla ice cream with raisins. Nicely cold and peckable. Fortunately the dove meets a little girl Tiu, and will soon discover that too much of good may turn out bad. 2015 WHITE RAVENS.
Kristi Kangilaski (1982) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts graphics department. She sees herself more as an illustrator and designer than an author of children’s books. Nevertheless she has authored two award-winning children’s books, The Sun Goes on Holiday (2012) and Tiu and the Dove (2014). She has also designed and illustrated books by other authors both for children and adults.

Awards: 2014 – 15 Best-Designed Children’s Books Nominations

Hardback / 250 x 200 / 32 pages / Päike ja Pilv