The Sun Goes on Holiday

written & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

The Sun Goes on Holiday_coverThe main character of this book is the Sun. She gets tired and wants to go on a holiday on Earth. As she loves cats, the Sun turns herself into a yellow cat and jumps out of the sky. On Earth she meets a little boy offering her a cozy home. However, what is going to happen to the people and the world, if the Sun is not in the sky any more? How long can she be on a vacation?

Kristi Kangilaski (1982) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts graphics department. She sees herself more as an illustrator and designer than an author of children’s books. Nevertheless she has written two award-winning children’s books, The Sun Goes on Holiday (2012) and Tiu and the Dove (2014). She has also designed and illustrated books by other authors both for children and adults.

Hardback / 230 × 220 / 32 pages / Päike ja Pilv