The Drawer of Happy Bedtime Stories

written by Hilli Rand & illustrated by Gerda Märtens

Õhtujutud_kaasIn an ordinary house in a typical room there is a cabinet that also seems to be ordinary. It’s huge, made of pinewood and has some scratches. Everything looks quite normal, everything but the second drawer from the bottom! On these nights, when somebody has not closed the drawer properly, a small evening story comes out through the gap. And then this story reaches either a father or a mother or a brother or a grandfather or anybody else. You just have to catch it and tell it to your kids! The book includes eight bedtime stories.Hilli Rand (1957) has loved books and reading from early childhood. Three children and four grandchildren offer her lot of inspiration for writing books. She has published about a dozen of
children’s books already. During her life she has worked as a translator, teacher and at theater, as well as conducted scientific research. His hobbies include gardening, hiking, traveling.

Gerda Märtens (1987) is a creator of the visual worlds and a visual storyteller. She studied illustration over two years at Macerata Art Academy in Italy and graduated from Estonian Art Academy in 2014 with a Master’s degree in liberal arts. She is cooperating with international publishing houses, participating in illustrators’ exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad, and is also a member of the Estonian Graphic Designers Association.

Hardback / 205 × 280 / 64 pages / Päike ja Pilv