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Listen to Your Diddalum

written by Emily Child & illustrated by Maria Lebedeva

The Diddalum is something that everyone has deep within themselves. It comes from inside somewhere between your chest and your tummy. Sometimes it makes you strong or makes you want to sing. And sometimes it helps you say “I’m sure” even if you aren’t.

RIGHTS SOLD: Turkish, German & Japanese

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 40 pages / Imagnary House

Penguin and Bear

Written by Deirdre Matthee & illustrated by Maria Lebedeva

Penguin and Bear are friends. They do not need many words; they understand each other. They like playing together, running and exploring and jumping and tumbling, especially if it involves sticks and water. They also enjoy football and breakdancing and eating cookies and are really good at it.

Rights Sold: Turkish

Paperback / 240 x 175 / 32 pages / Bumble Books

Mu’s Wolf Problem

written & illustrated by Maria Lebedeva


Mu is home alone – and afraid to be all by herself. What’s more she can hear scratching and sighing! Whatever can it be? Is it a wolf perhaps? What can she do? Will Mu’s mom get home in time?

Maria Lebedeva was born in Moscow and arrived in South Africa at the age of 6 and now lives and works in Johannesburg.She holds a Masters Degree in Visual Art: Illustration from Stellenbosch University. Continue reading