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And That Is How I Befriended Darkness

written by Emicida and illustrated by Aldo Fabrini

A powerful reflection on fear – a nosy guy enters without warning and in our ears he whispers a thousand stories about monsters and bandits. He helps us be cautious. Courage is the one who tells Fear to calm down and reminds us that we have nerve, we have a soul.

Paperback / 203 x 206 / 48 pages / Companhias das Letras

Olivia Has Two Daddies

written by Márcia Leite and illustrated by Taline Schubach

Olivia is a clever little girl, who really knows what she wants and is fully aware of how to use certain words to get it. “Intriguing” is a word that Olivia likes a lot, and that’s because everything is intriguing to her. Olivia wants to know how she’s going to learn to wear make-up and high-heeled shoes, as there’s no woman in their house to show her…

Paperback / 215 x 155 / 48 pages / Companhias Das Letrinhas

Amazon Dear Animals

written by Lalau and illustrated by Laurabeatriz

The Amazon Rainforest is the largest tropical forest in existence and has the largest biodiversity reserve of the planet. Countless plants, insects and animals keep our great forest alive – from the bush dog to the Hercules beetle.

Paperback / 203 x 206 / 48 pages / Companhias Das Letrinhas


Silvana Salerno

This book introduces the Amazonia to children and young readers. It is divided into five parts: Biodiversity /The “medicines” of the forest /Parks, reserves and archeological sites / How to live from the forest (without destroying it) / Boibumbá / How Amazonia became an important part of Brazil. Each part contains two tales and each tale contains an almanac including a lot of information and curiosities.

Companhias das Letras /210 x 275 / 80 pages

World except Portuguese


written and illustrated by Stela Barbieri & Fernando Vilela

Because of a witch’s spell and her hidden book of magic, twins Bento and Manu go on a journey through the world of fairy tales. They meet Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, and other characters. But all of these unexpected and exciting encounters don’t seem to be enough because what they really dreamed of was to meet a special friend of their grandmother’s: the witch Abdula.

Paperback / 210 x 370 / 48 pages / Companhias Das Letrinhas


written and illustrated by Mauricio Negro

Ten stories about some of the indigenous peoples of Brazil and Latin America filled with fantastical elements that take the reader to a world in which rivers, trees and waterfalls have their own powers and where nothing is impossible. A captivating read!

Paperback / 155 x 255 / 144 pages / Companhias Das Letrinhas


written by Otávio Júnior and illustrated by Vanina Starkoff

A poetic book that presents life in a favela in Rio de Janeiro from a child’s positive perspective. The colourful collage illustrations depict features, gestures, objects, animals, people and lives as the narrator sees them from the window. An invitation to observe, absorb and think. Otávio Júnior opened the first libraries in the favelas of Complexo da Penha and Complexo do Alemao- where he was born.

Rights sold: English

Paperback / 205 x 205 / 48 pages / Companhias Das Letrinhas


Pri Ferrari

Boys are used to hearing from grownups that they cannot cry, feel or act the same way as girls do. But the truth is that boy’s stuff is whenever they want it to be: a little boy can cry when he is feeling sad, hug a friend when he is happy or play with a doll instead of a ball if he prefers it. The companion book of GIRL’S STUFF.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese, Spanish (LA)