BANG EDICIONES is a Spanish publishing house based in Barcelona. We publish contemporary graphic novels and comics. Our projects reflect the hunches we have for artists, often young, but not always. The most important thing is that their talent touches our sensitivity and soul. Once we start working on a book, we strive for creating a book worth the author’s work, with a careful and exquisite production. 

In 2008, we started a new collection for children, Mamut comics, which we distribute in France, Canada, Spain and Latin America at the same time. Books are published in three different languages: Catalan, Spanish and French. Many modern artists support our initiative in finding new ways to express themselves, pushing the language of comics beyond its limits. 

MAMUT is a comic book publishing house for kids, from 3 years old up to whatever age, because they are incredibly fun!!

What we are looking forward to in this collection is introducing the kid into the world of reading through comics. In order to achieve this objective, we’ve divided the collection into three specific age sectors:

3+: Kids who don’t know to read yet
6+: First readers
9+: Consolidated readers

We believe that comics are a good tool for teachers and parents to encourage kids to read and help them step by step. That’s the reason of the segmented collection, to help the kid with their specific needs, according to his or her age. This way, they can develop their independence in reading, becoming more autonomous in their reading exercise.