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written by Shelley Maisel & illustrated by Cheryl Neave

Joe the woodcutter stood beneath a tree. It was so tall, so strong, so full of life. He was there to cut the tree down. The birds didn’t know the tree. The Tree didn’t know but he knew. An important book about the importance of preserving nature, trees and replanting them for generations.

Paperback / 285 x 210 / 32 pages / Bumble Books

The Big Rescue

written & illustrated by Janina Pechova

Puppy, the youngest of the wild dog pups was not allowed to leave home on his own. But one morning he sneaked out before anybody noticed. He had a great time running and playing in the bush. Exhausted he dozed off for a while. When he woke up, her was all alone.

Paperback / 275 x 210 / 32 pages / Bumble Books

Penguin and Bear

Written by Deirdre Matthee & illustrated by Maria Lebedeva

Penguin and Bear are friends. They do not need many words; they understand each other. They like playing together, running and exploring and jumping and tumbling, especially if it involves sticks and water. They also enjoy football and breakdancing and eating cookies and are really good at it.

Rights Sold: Turkish

Paperback / 240 x 175 / 32 pages / Bumble Books


written by Sadia Ismail & illustrated by Dale Blankenaar
Have you ever met an alien from outer space. Find out what happens when an alien visits Kasigo one night.

Dale Blankenaar studied graphic design at CPUT in Cape Town and majored in illustration under Piet Grobler. Dale has illustrated  over 30 books and has exhibited in 9 countries. Winner of the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair Publishers’ Choice Award. 

Paperback / 280 x 215 / 32 pages / Bumble Books


Googy Bakes Banana Bread

written & illustrated by John Macfarlane

Goggy is hungry and his tummy is growling. He can’t decide what to eat. So he looks at his cat, who know what he wants, “Ah! banana bread, what a treat!” Go with Goggy and his cat to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a simple to make banana bread, Help Goggy prepare the bread for baking and enjoy the result! The perfect read for mums, dads and carers to keep hungry tots up to six years old entertained and introduce them to identifying colours, shapes, sizes, and quantities – and eat a delicious banana bread, too!  Continue reading


written & illustrated by Robin Stuart-Clark

It’s Sam and Cat’s bedtime. All is quiet until suddenly Cat is woken by a strange noise … What can it be? There’s a Rat playing football with a marble! Quickly the chase is on! Sam wakes up, and dad says, ‘Go to sleep, Sam!’ Now Cat is ready to play! But Sam wakes up again and shouts for dad. ‘Cat keeps playing football, dad!’ ‘I think you’re dreaming, Sam!’ says dad. Sleep tight Sam! Sleep tight Cat and Rat!  Continue reading

My Great Expedition

written by Justin Clark & illustrated by Lucy Stuart Clark

In 1973, at the age of 6, Justin Fox went on a Grand Tour of Europe with his parents – from Cape Town to London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Rome, Athens and the Greek Islands. This is his story of the magic of travel, the experience of other places and peoples which have made him one of today’s great travel writers.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

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Elephants Don’t Grow on Trees

written by A. H. Benjamin & illustrated by Adrie le Roux

Mr Trumpton loves elephants. As a boy, he used to ask his parents to buy him an elephant for a pet. “No!” they would reply. “Elephants don’t grow on trees!” One day Mr Trumpton decides that he has waited long enough “I simply must have an elephant!” he said to himself. A wonderfully charming story. Attia Benkerif, writing as A H BENJAMIN is a British children’s writer of over 40 picture and early reader books, many of which have been translated into foreign languages – including Afrikaans. Continue reading

The Baby Brother Curse

written by Michelle Sacks & illustrated by Carla Kreuser

the-baby-brother-curse-coverOne day, a little girl heard some dreadful news. It was horrible and terrible and awfully shocking. It came from her Mum, who said with a big silly smile, “Boo darling, you’re going to have a baby brother!”


Paperback / Bumble Books

Farrah is not a Dalmatian

written & illustrated by Adrie le Roux

Farrah is not a Dalmatian. There is a clear difference between the spots. Yet every time Farrah goes for a walk other people do not seem to see it. Is she just a dog? A wonderfully tender story about the importance of identity – even for a dog!

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese.

ADRIE LE ROUX is an artist and illustrator based in Pretoria, South Africa. She holds an Continue reading