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The Economic Consequences of the Euro: The Safest Escape Plan

written by Stefan Kawalec, Ernest Pytlarczyk & Kamil Kamiński

An insight into why the common currency poses a threat to the entire European Union.
This is a useful and engaging contribution to the existing literature in the fields of macro, monetary and international finance and economics.
Winner of The Economicus Award 2019

Paperback / 366 pages / MT Biznes

Your Own Company Step by Step: Be Effective at Every Stage of Your Business’ Growth

written by Grzegorz Krzemień

– Each entrepreneur’s guide to building a successful business.
– How to set goals, spend money on the right things, and use your competitors as fuel to create an effective company

You know how Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Page became successful. You’ve read how they created and managed billion-dollar corporations. You also know how to flash a joke during a pitch in front of potential investors in Silicon Valley. And you feel that this knowledge has nothing to do with the realities you’re in. Because you have a company with only thousands of euro in your company account and… you have no idea if you manage it right. This book is for all those who face the dilemmas of doing business on a smaller scale and in other realities. It is for all those who face problems at every stage of company development.

Paperback / 256 pages / MT Biznes

The Magic of Sales: Techniques and Exercises

written by Robert Grzybek

Practical rules and useful methods for sales people, managers and negotiators based on the author’s own research and experiences.

A partner and co-founder of GM Solutions, a company specializing in developing organizational and individual competencies in leadership and sales. He gained experience in sales and marketing management in companies like Orange and Procter&Gamble, among others. For the last 15 years he has been providing advice, training and coaching.

Paperback / 280 pages / MT Biznes

Persuasive Poker: A Deck of the Best Sales, Presentation and Communication Techniques

written by Adam Czajkowski & Grzegorz Zaluski

Persuasive poker is a book based on the idea of short and practical chapters. These chapters are a collection of 54 cards, as in the classic deck of cards.  A rich source of information on persuasion, communication, presentation and ethical techniques of exerting influence.

Paperback / 456 pages / MT Biznes


written by Grzegorz Mazurek

E-marketing is one of the fastest expanding fields of knowledge. This book allows you to keep up with the changing field of digital marketing. From it, you will learn valuable techniques and applications that will allow you to analyse the effects of your marketing activities, improve customer satisfaction and, as a result, accelerate the growth of your company.

Paperback / 488 pages / MT Biznes

Mount Everest for a Leader

written by Anna Sarnacka-Smith

Leadership is not a position — it is strength of charac­ter. You already have the potential to be the leader with whom the team will want to realize its full potential and with whom customers will want to grow their businesses. The key is to find your va­lues and stay loyal to them, to know your potential, to ap­preciate the differences between people, and to draw on that diversity in team building.

Paperback / 264 pages / MT Biznes

Visual Thinking in Business: Effective Communication

written by Karolina Jóźwik

Visual thinking is a process that helps us interpret, assimilate, and convey information better. Experiment with drawings, exercises, communication and whatever else you would like. The result will be tremendous: YOU WILL TRY, YOU WILL OBSERVE AND YOU WILL DECIDE IF IT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!

Paperback / 176 pages / MT Biznes

Psychology of Change Management in your Personal and Business Life

written by Angelika Chimkowska

-Are you planning to deliver on your New Year’s resolutions, goals or dreams this year?
-You already know that an easy three-step change is like a slimming pill? It gives the illusion of being effective… and then has a yo-yo effect.
-Are you facing a change in your business situation and want to plan the process well?

Paperback / 272 pages / MT Biznes

Barrier-Free Communication: How to Understand and be Understood

written by Beata Kozyra

The world is moving forward, and with it, successive generations Y and Z are reaching for ever newer communication tools. The ICT generations communicate predominantly by social media and other e-tools which, while they allow for overcoming the barrier of time and space, also impoverish human relationships.

Paperback / 426 pages / MT Biznes