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written and illustrated by Coralie Saudo and Mélanie Grandgirard

Famous fairy-tale characters meet throughout the stories that the reader invents by combining the cut-out pages as they wish. An innovative mix-and-match picture book to discover well-known classics. 4096 possible options!

 Novelty Book / 315 x 180 / 40 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets



written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval

A new world of infinite forms and colours reveals itself as the reader folds the pages as instructed in the book.  The folds bring to life various combinations and abstract figures that are open to interpretation. A unique and fascinating work for the whole family.

Paperback / 172 x 225 cm / 64 pages / Companhias das Letras



The Visit

written by Anti Saar and illustrated by Anna Ring

A boy, who lost a grandmother in spring, decides to visit his grandfather when autumn comes. There are many apples in the grandfathers garden. A moment before taking a bite, he spots a hole with a small worm, who asks him to follow. You will find several holes in this book marking the route of this worm through memories. Numbers by the holes help the reader to find the way through. It’s a real labyrinth that is designed into the book and you can go through it (solve it). It’s like a memorial maze. Paike ja Pilv / Paperback novelty / 210 x 210 / 32 pages

The Black Hole

written & illustrated by Jaime Compairé

Astronomers sel-agujero-negro_pay that a black hole can be much larger than what one can imagine. So what do we really know about black holes? Just like any child we know that it starts small and that it gets deeper and larger than we can imagine.

In this clever novelty book we learn that a black hole starts very small, the size of a dot on a letter “i“.

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