Latest Rights Sales

WHO IS AFRAID OF THE LITTLE WOLF by Yayo Kawamura                                                       RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan

A BIG HELP by Daniel Fehr & Benjamin Leroy                                                                                 RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

OVER HERE, KOSSE SERIES by Anja Gatu & Maria Källström                                                      RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

COWBOY KLAUS SERIES by Eva Muszynski  & Karsten Teich                                                        RIGHTS SOLD: Serbian (also French, Polish, Chinese, Norwegian & Dutch)

HEDGEHOG AND THE EXHIBIT by Özge Bahar Sunar & Ceyhun Şen                                          RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan

WHO GOES THERE? (QUIEN ANDA AHI?) by Emilio Urberuaga                                               RIGHTS SOLD: Complex Chinese

THE BEST MUM IN THE WORLD by Rafa Ordoñez & Paloma Corra                                            RIGHTS SOLD:  Korean (also Italian & English UK/US) 

SIGNS IN THE WELL by Shoham Smith & Vali Mintzi                                                                  RIGHTS SOLD: World English

FARRAH IS NOT A DALMATIAN by Adrie Le Roux                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

LEFT OR RIGHT by Şiirsel Taş & by Gökçe Akgül                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Complex Chinese , Spanish, Catalan & Italian

WANT TO COMFORT YOU by Jochen Till & illustrated by Zapf                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Bulgarian and Korean

THE NEIGHBOURS by Einat Tsarfati                                                                                               RIGHTS SOLD: French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Turkish, Korean, World English, Portuguese (Brazil), Azerbaijani, Afrikaans & Simplified Chinese

TOKKI’S JOURNEY written by Till Pensek & illustrated by Julia Neuhaus                                      RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

WHERE IS DORMOUSE AND HIS SEVEN BEDS by Susanna Isern & Marco Somá                            RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified, Complex Chinese, French, Turkish, English & Italian)

BOW WOW MEOW by Blanca Lacasa & Gómez                                                                            RIGHTS SOLD: French (also English & Italian)

PILE-POILS by Laure Sirieix & Chiara Arsego                                                                                        RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

THE PIGLET AND HIS HUNGRY TUMMY by Piret Mildeberg                                                       RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish 

OOPS! MY HEART IS BROKEN by Elif Yemenici                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan, Korean & Simplified Chinese                  

THE MINISTRY OF DREAMS by Anne Loyer & Leila Brient                                                         RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & Turkish 

SNOW WHITE AND PITCH BLACK by Hilli Rand and Catherine Zarip                                        RIGHTS SOLD: Polish, Slovenian & Latvian

 THE MOUSE WHO HAD NO SLED by Kadri Lepp & Piret Niinepuu-Kiik                                   RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

 INSPECTOR DILLY’S EMOTIONMETRE by Susanna Isern & Monica Carretero                      RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese, Korean & Croatian

QUE LE PASA A UMA by Raquel Diaz Reguera                                                                             RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

KICK IT CHARLOTTE (SOCCER SERIES) by Jennifer Wegerup & Bettina Johansson               RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

THE MAGICAL KITCHEN OF FAIRY TALES by Katia Canton                                                       RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish (Latin America) & French

THE MIRROR IN MUMMY’S HOUSE/THE MIRROR IN DADDY’S HOUSE by Luis Amavisca & Betania Zecarias                                                                                                                                    RIGHTS SOLD: Turkish (also Italian, English (UK/US))

A SURPRISE FOR TORTOISE by Paula Merlán & Sonja Wimmer                                               RIGHTS SOLD: Korean and Simplified Chinese (also Italian, English (UK/US))

 IT’S A GIRL’S THING by Pri Ferrari                                                                                                 RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish (Latin America) & Portuguese

WHO’S THE BOSS?  by André Rodrigues, Larissa Ribeiro, Paula Desgualdo and Pedro Markun RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish (Latin America)

THE WORLD’S BIGGEST FART by Rafa Ordóñez & Laure du Faÿ                                               RIGHTS SOLD: Korean and Simplified Chinese

NOONA AND THE MAGIC ERASER by Orit Gidali & Aya Gordon-Noy                                      RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan

KAMTZA AND BAR KAMTZA by Shoham Smith & Einat Tsarfati                                              RIGHTS SOLD: Italian

THE CHAMELEON THAT SAVED NOAH’S ARK by Yael Molchadsky & Orit Bergman            RIGHTS SOLD: French and Italian (also World English & German)

The Chameleon cover

IT’S NOT FAIR by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund                                                              RIGHTS SOLD: Danish & Korean

It's not fair

KONRAD AND THE CANDY by Åsa Mendel-Hartvig & Caroline Röstlund                                        RIGHTS SOLD: Danish


NAUTILUS’ DREAM written by David Almond & illustrated by Dieter Wiesmüller                  RIGHTS SOLD: Italian

Nautilus cover

NO BREAD NO WATER by Luis Amavisca & Guridi                                                                           RIGHTS SOLD: Korean


EMOTIONS  by Cécile Langonnet & illustrated by Soufie Régani                                              RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish and Italian


AN AFTER BEDTIME STORY by Shoham Smith & Einat Tsarfati                                                    RIGHTS SOLD: French (also sold in English)

After Bedtime Story Cover

POEMS WITH PROBLEMS by Renata Bueno                                                                                  RIGHTS SOLD: French (also sold in Korean)

Poemas problemas cover

MY WORLD FROM 1 TO 1000 / MY CLASS FROM A TO Z by Coralie Saudo & Mayana Itoiz RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan & Simplified Chinese

Mon monde a 1000 cove

THE SUN GOES ON HOLIDAY by Kristi Kangilasti                                                                                 RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

The Sun Goes on Holiday_cover

THE JOURNEY TO THE ISLAND OF MAYBE by Miriam Yalan-Shtekelis & Katia Kolton               RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese


 EXCURSION FOR BEAR by Constanze Semidei & Volker Fredrich                                           RIGHTS SOLD: Japanese


THE JOURNEY OF CAPTAIN SCAREDY CAT by José Carlos Andrés & Sonja Wimmer              RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese & English (US/UK)


BOGO THE FOX WHO WANTED EVERYTHING by Susanna Isern & Sonja Wimmer              RIGHTS SOLD: German, Korean, Simplified Chinese & English (US/UK)

Bogo cover

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CROCODILE by Marina Moskvina & Anne Pikkov                           RIGHTS SOLD:  Simplified Chinese, Catalan & Spanish


THE OLD BROKEN CAT by Triinu Laan & Anne Pikkov                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Korean

The old

THE PERFECT SIESTA by Pato Mena                                                                                                    RIGHTS SOLD: Korean, Simplified Chinese & English (US/UK)

Perfect siesta cover

  BANG BANG I HURT THE MOON by Luis Amavisca & Esther G. Madrid                                 RIGHTS SOLD: Turkish, Korean, Simplified Chinese & English (US/UK)


 MIX DRIVES by Malin Lilja & Matilda Salmén                                                                                  RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish, Catalan & Korean

Mixed Cars cover

I AM ALEX by Elena Agnello & Adrie le Roux                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Finnish & Korean


STORIES FROM LEYLA FONTAINE SERIES by Tülin Kozikoğlu & Sedat Girgin                        RIGHTS SOLD: Polish & Hungarian (also sold in Spanish & Catalan (also sold in Simplified Chinese)

Leyla_Fontaine flying

ANNIE LEARNS TO SWIM by Katrin Coetzer                                                                                RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish & Catalan (also sold in Simplified Chinese)

Annie cover

SHOW YOUR CHILD 100 POSSIBLE WAYS INSTEAD OF 2 by Kristine Kristina Henkel & Marie Tomičić RIGHTS SOLD: Korean (also sold in Spanish, Serbian & Norwegian).


KASPION THE LITTLE FISH by Paul Kor                                                                                         RIGHTS SOLD:  Spanish & Catalan (also sold in English (US/Canada), Simplified Chinese, French, German & Korean)

 Kaspion front cover

I STILL NEED ALL OF IT by Petra Postert & by Jens Rassmus                                                           RIGHTS SOLD: English (US/Canada)


THAT’S NOT NORMAL by Mar Pavón & Laure du Faÿ                                                                   RIGHTS SOLD: Korean (also sold in German, Dutch, French, English (NA/UK) & Simplified Chinese)

no es normal cover