Ayşe in Search of Her Butterfly (Curious Travellers Series)

written by Tülin Kozikoğlu & Illustrated by Burcu Musselwhite

Curious travellers 3As our butterfly flew away at the end of book 2, Ayşe becomes worried about whether it is ok. Their relationship is similar to a mother-daughter, as the butterfly wants to be more independent while Ayşe always wants to keep an eye on it. Ayşe wants to find her butterfly, so she asks her binoculars to show her where the butterfly is. The binoculars first show her the deserts on the South. Here we see the flora and fauna that can be seen on a desert. Ayşe cannot find her butterfly and asks a camel whether he has seen one.Hardback / 210 x 290 / 40 pages / Redhouse Publishing