Dojo Goes Treasure Hunting Series

written by Karin Salmson & illustrated by Marcus Brengesjö

Dojo Treasure coverMeet Dojo and his friends – Aisha, Maya and Gorby . All the characters can wear whatever colour they want and show ther feelings. Colourful, fun and easy books about everyday adventures. Dojo and Maya are searching for a treasure. Is it inside or is it outside? Or maybe high up in the tree? Also in the series:

DOJO IS PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK – Where is Dojo? Not here and not there? Can you find him.DOJO’S BIRTHDAY PARTY – Bake a cake and lay the table. The friends are arriving soon. What’s in the gift boxes?

“In the books about Dojo, Dojo wears a pink dress and Maya wears green dungarees. The main characters are two boys and two girls. Dojo can bake a cake as well as dig for treasures. Dojo is afraid of heights and Maya is saving him and so forth. There are no pointers in the books, but many details that together make a well thought-out whole.” The Childrens book blog

Hardback / 162 x 162 / 28 pages / Olika Publishing