When We Grow Up

written by Sandrine Beau & illustrated by Nicolas Gouny

Two kids dreaQuand on sera grand front coverm about the jobs they would like to do when they grow up: bubble-maker, dew-dropper, sweet designer, soaker of giraffes’ foreheads, snow-flake collector and, not to forget the job that everyone in love would like to try once, moon-catcher.

RIGHTS SOLD: Portuguese (Brazil), Complex Chinese (Hong Kong & Macau) & Simplified Chinese.

Nicolas Gouny is a well-known French illustrator who worked as triangle player, a cat trainer, rising sun printer, artichoke dealer and more before he settled down in a village and became an illustrator. A perfect match for Sandrine Beau’s story!

Hardback / 200 x 205 / 32 pages / Les P’tits Bérets