La princesa Li · Pincess Li

written by Luis Amavisca & illustrated by Elena Rendeiro

Princess LiPrincess Li lived with her father, King Wan Tan, in a beautiful palace. Li was in love with Beatrice, a girl from a distant land. Both of them were very happy until the day Wan Tan sent for the princess: “The day had come when Li had to marry a young man from the court”.

A traditional magic fairy tale… told differently. A tale of equality, and above all, a story about love.Luis Amavisca graduated in Musicology and Art History and he also completed a two-year program on the five senses in the Università dell’Immagine in Milan.  He is a plastic artist and he has also worked with photography, video and installations. He has exhibited his work in Málaga, Paris, Basel and Berlin. Some of his pieces belong to the permanent collection of the Málaga Centre for Contemporary Art. His books have been widely reviewed in the Spanish press. He is working on new texts for the SOMOS8 series.

Elena Rendeiro is based in New York and Madrid.  As a plastic artist, she became known in Spain thanks to the honourable mention of the Generaciones de Caja Madrid Award, obtained for her installation A ras de piel (On the edge of skin). As an illustrator, she has worked with music publishing houses. Princess Li is her first children’s book.

Hardback / 240 x 250 / 44 pages / NubeOcho · Bilingual Spanish/English