Stories from the Layla Fontaine Series

written by Tülin Kozikoğlu and illustrated by Sedat Girgin

Leyla Fontaine lives with nine quirky animals including a frog and a porcupine! This is a series of nine books. Each story shows us different characteristic problems of these animals such as stubbornness, laziness, anxiety etc. Thus, children with the same problems can empathize with these animals.

Rights sold: Book 1-9 Simplified Chinese; Book 1-4 Spanish and Catalan; Book 1-4 Polish, Book 1-9 Russian & Portuguese Brazil; Book 1-3 Ukrainian

• Angry Spider • Stubborn Porcupine • Unhappy Cat • Know-it-all Mouse • Coward Bird • Jealous Frog • Shy Dog • Lazy Fish WHITE RAVENS 2015  • Impatient Mosquito

Hardback / 240 x 220 / 28 pages / Redhouse Kidz