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Written by Maite Rosende and Illustrated by Jon Lorente

In the Himalayan mountains, they say that a very wise teacher lives with certain supernatural powers. An eclectic group of children comes to Guruyi’s house to learn all the secrets of Yoga from him. The book comes with a notebook + 36 cards to start Yoga.

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 190 x 260 mm / 56 pages / Bang Ediciones


Written and Illustrated by Artur Laperla

King Slug and another dangerous prisoner have managed to escape from the maximum-security interstellar prison. In a stolen ship, they race across the galaxy towards Earth. Meantime on Earth, Super Potato has his own problems: the Masticator has robbed a bank and wants to chew on the most super heroic of potatoes.

Rights sold: French, English, Swedish and German

Paperback / 190 x 260 mm / 64 pages / Bang Ediciones


Written and Illustrated by Marta Cunill

Captain Nino is bored.  It’s been a long time since his boat sailed through the seas … And what better remedy for boredom than a treasure hunt? Yes, but for that Captain Nino will need the reader’s help… READ AND PLAY SERIES!

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 200 x 230 / 52 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written and Illustrated by Marta Cunill

Little Fish will grow up. It is perfect for our hero who just needs to find a suitable container. But it may not be as simple as it seems. A visually powerful silent comic about growing up and nature.

Rights sold: French

Hardback / 190 x 260 mm / 40 pages / Bang Ediciones



Written by Cecilia Pisos and Illustrated by Gastón Caba

Porcupine Dad is planning a day out with his son Espinito. He will have some time to himself to read and fish whilst his son is having fun in nature. But shortly after reaching Happy Hill and setting camp, Porcupine Dad realises that nothing will be as he had planned. Espinito needs to be entertained and active at all times. And he gets bored quickly from each game that his dad suggests.

Hardback / 165 x 220 mm / 32 pages / Bang Ediciones


Gino Bartali’s Secret

Written and illustrated by Kike Ibáñez

His heart was beating like never before, he was sweating more than usual although it was not due to physical effort. He was scared, he was scared that the soldiers would search the bike and discover his secret.  Fortunately, they just wanted his autograph and the cyclist was saved again. This is the story of Gino Bartali. A Tuscan who won his first Giro d’Italia in 1936 at the age of twenty-two. He had a promising future but Benito Mussolini used sport as propaganda in favor of the regime, that’s why he forced Bartali to compete in the Tour of 1938. The outbreak of WWII ended all sports competitions, but Gino kept on training and his mission was to cycle from Florence to Assisi where the safe-passage papers were printed.  From Assisi, hidden in his bicycle, Bartali carried the documents, stopped only to sign dedications. Thanks to thousands of kilometers over a bicycle, Gino managed to save lives, almost eight hundred and most of them children. He was a talent born in the right time.

Hardback / 200 x 260 / 40 pp / Bang Ediciones 

Lets Go!

Written and Illustrated by Marta Cunill

When three bird friends decide that they have had enough of migrating, they choose to stay up north. But as winter settles in, cold and hunger follow. After trying everything, from winter coats to hibernating, they realise that they have no choice but to migrate.  When they finally arrive, they are in for a surprise… A charming book that introduces the theme of birds and migration.

Rights sold: English (North America), French, Spanish, Catalan and Simplified Chinese

hardback  / 165×220 cm / 32 pages / Bang Ediciones


written and illustrated by Vicente Montalbá

Nibiruis a planet inhabited by anthropomorphic reptiles about four meters tall: the Anunnaki. This gigantic planet has such a huge orbit around our sun that it takes several thousands of Earth years to complete it. At some point it passes close to Earth. And that moment is getting closer.

Comic / 215 x 295 / 112 pages / Bang Ediciones

American Dream

written and illustrated by Bazil

American Dream is piece of dark and absurd humour. A real satire of North American society about the situation of the first native Americans who were colonised and sent to reserves and stripped of their own land. A book that also looks at the gap between deep America and its big cities in particular as regards to their perception of homosexuality, patriarchy and racism. Coming in 2021 LIPANDA about the independence of Congo.

Comic / 200 x 270 / 184 pages / Bang Ediciones

The Wolf in the Moon

written by Pamela Wehrhahne and illustrated Hernán Smicht

They say that since the dawn of time, a ferocious and implacable wolf has been watching over the moon, which houses in its bosom all the terrors of the world… But what would happen if its guardian failed in his mission? A modern fable that evokes, through an animal myth, the main themes of human history: fear, hope, imagination…

Comic / 200 x 260 / 56 pages / Bang Ediciones