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written by Kadri Lepp & illustrated by Piret Niinepuu-Kiik

One winter’s night when everyone is fast asleep, a few snowflakes start falling.

In the morning, all the cubs go out to play except for little mouse who doesn’t have a sled. Until an old turtle walking by offers to help.


Hardback / 210 x 210 / 32 pages / Paike ja Pilv


written & illustated by Piret Mildeberg

piglet-coverA little pig woke up feeling bored being alone and his tummy was awfully empty. “I’ll go for a walk and find some company. Maybe I’ll find a warm snack, too.” The piglet walked a bit, looked around, and noticed a familiar house with a pot steaming in every window. He pays a visit to his friends but everybody is busy and piglet is feeling more lonely and hungry.


Hardback / 220 x 200 / Paike ja Pilv

Somebody Always Cares

written by Lana Vatsel & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski Pildid

youre-always-kept-coverHedgehog-mum is reading a book. Little hedgehog is chewing on a book. He has no needles yet but he wants to go into the woods. “Wait until spring,” says mum. But he is bored and he sneaks out. Suddenly it is night and dark and he is lost …

Kristi Kangilaski was born in Viljandi in 1982. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in printmaking in 2013. Continue reading

The Old Broken Cat

written by Triinu Laan & illustrated by Anne Pikkov

The old

It can be complicated to explain death to children, but sooner or later it must be done. It is good to have a book that will help you out. THE OLD BROKEN CAT tells a warm and bright story about, what will happen to cats and people once they get old and break up. A mysterious, wise and comforting story with stunning art by the talented illustrator of WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CROCODILE.


Hardback / 175 x 210 / 32 pages / Paike ja Pilv

What Happened to Crocodile?

written by Marina Moskvina & illustrated by Anne Pikkov

On the ground, there is an egg. The shell cracks and Crocodile freezes as a tiny bird  with a yellow beak comes out. Despite the pressure from his peers, Crocodile decides to look after Birdie. A powerful story about tolerance and diversity with wonderful illustrations.

Awards: 2014 – 5 Best-Designed Children’s Book.

Rights Sold: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Romanian & Dutch

Hardback / 170 × 240 / 40 pages / Päike ja Pilv

A Job for Snowflake

written by Aidi Vallik & illustrated by Elina Sildre

A job for a Snowflake_coverA little snowflake floated in the arms of a grey cloud in the sky, staring down at the world below. It couldn’t wait to go to work on the ground one day. The cloud spread its arms, and light snowflakes floated down all on their own. The snowflake tumbled and fell through the wintry air, and whirling, twirling and whirling over and over again…

Hardback / 200 × 200 / 32 pages / Päike ja Pilv

Uku and Giraffe

written by Epp Annus & illustrated by Katrin Ehrlich

untitledLittle boy Uku is just enjoying bread with honey, when a head appears behind his window! This is a giraffe who is very hungry. Will he share his bread with a stranger?

Epp Annus (1969) is actually a literary scholar who sometimes writes stories for and about children. Why? Well, because she has three of these creatures at home. Because they know some things better than she does, so to write from their perspective is a way of learning about world for her. Continue reading

Uku, the Giraffe and the Elephant

written by Epp Annus & illustrated by Katrin Ehrlich

Uku, the Giraffe and the Elephant_coverUku is having a snack before going to bed. Meanwhile, a giraffe pokes its head through his bedroom window, sees his comfortable bed and goes to sleep. A sleepy elephant walks by, pushes the giraffe out of bed and goes to sleep. Imagine Uku’s surprise when he finds in his bedroom a giraffe and an elephant. A perfectly charming and playful bedtime story.

Epp Annus (1969) is actually a literary scholar who sometimes writes stories for and about children. Continue reading

Snowy White and Pitch Black

written by Hilli Rand & illustrated by Catherine Zarip

Sysimust KAAS.inddTwo cats live in a small hous, surrounded by a large garden with two high posts at the gate. Amadeus and Ludvig. One snowly white, the other pitch black. They are good friends. One day, their family goes on a trip, leaving the cats guarding the house. The book tells us, how they succeeded and whom they met.

RIGHTS SOLD: Polish, Slovenian & Latvian

Catherine Zarip (1966) had two dreams in childhood: to become an astronaut or a book illustrator. In 1995 she graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts as a ceramist but soon switched over to book design and illustration. Continue reading

The Drawer of Happy Bedtime Stories

written by Hilli Rand & illustrated by Gerda Märtens

Õhtujutud_kaasIn an ordinary house in a typical room there is a cabinet that also seems to be ordinary. It’s huge, made of pinewood and has some scratches. Everything looks quite normal, everything but the second drawer from the bottom! On these nights, when somebody has not closed the drawer properly, a small evening story comes out through the gap. And then this story reaches either a father or a mother or a brother or a grandfather or anybody else. You just have to catch it and tell it to your kids! The book includes eight bedtime stories. Continue reading