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The Sun Goes on Holiday

written & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

The Sun Goes on Holiday_coverThe main character of this book is the Sun. She gets tired and wants to go on a holiday on Earth. As she loves cats, the Sun turns herself into a yellow cat and jumps out of the sky. On Earth she meets a little boy offering her a cozy home. However, what is going to happen to the people and the world, if the Sun is not in the sky any more? How long can she be on a vacation?

Kristi Kangilaski (1982) graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts graphics department. Continue reading

Tiu and the Dove

written & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

tuvi ei taha saia KAANED.inddA dove lived in a big city. She loved to eat ice cream in the summer. But like all doves, she had no money to buy it. People always threw her white bread, nothing else. The dove was tired of it, as her appetite for bread was long gone. She would have loved a cone of vanilla ice cream with raisins. Nicely cold and peckable. Fortunately the dove meets a little girl Tiu, and will soon discover that too much of good may turn out bad. 2015 WHITE RAVENS.
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Where is Love?

written by  Kätlin Vainola & illutsrated by Kertu Sillaste
Where is Love_cover
“How do you know, that you love me?” asked Sarah’s mother. “I just know it, I feel it here and here and here,” said mother and pointed at her heart and head and stomach. Where is love, if you cannot feel it? Is it alive? What color is it? Can you touch it? What can you do with it? Can you get rid of it?

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Take a Guess

written by Epp Petrone & illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski

Guess what coverWhat is yellow and shiny? Or gray and squeaky? A fork’s husband? Or a ladle’s child? Inside, riddles can be found in both words and pictures.

Epp Petrone (1974) has written seven books for kids and she has tens of them in her head. She loves writing for kids, telling stories to kids, playing with kids. The sources of her stories are everyday life, fairy tales and nature. Epp has 3 children herself. Continue reading

The Postman and The Chickens

written by Markus Saksatamm & illustrated by Anni Mäger

Postman and chickens coverOnce upon a time there was a Postman. His had to deliver letters and newspapers. He was very accurate and the mail was always delivered on time. Quickly, almost like flying. The Postman did not brag about it. He was not a boaster. After all there is a saying, first lay the eggs, then cackle! Postman had a nice yellow house. Behind the house there was a hen house with five chickens. Postman and Chickens is a about smart chickens who solve their problems by using appropriate egg laying technique. Unconventional thinking and original views. Some people say that this book has also been laid by a chicken! Continue reading