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written by Özge Özedemir & illustrated by Ezgi Platin

A series of six books that gives children the perspective to think about everyday problems, evaluate situations and understand common concepts. In each book, students gather at the philosophy club, they listen to a mythological story and then they debate about a specific topic related to that story.

Paperback / 120 x 180 mm / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz


written by Özge Bahar Sunar and illustrated by Uğur Altun

When it starts raining, everybody runs away. The Rain, upset to see that people are annoyed by its presence, vows that it will not rain anymore and stays on the ground. Lakes dry out, green pastures turn yellow, and people are exhausted from the heat. Everything changes when the Rain meets a hearing-impaired little girl who loves dancing to the sound of rain drops.

Rights sold: French

Paperback / 215 x 280 mm / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Tokyo Sandals

written by Zeynep Alpaslan & illustrated by Vaghar Aghaei

A story of friendship between an old lady and a little girl thanks to a cat named Tokyo. It all started when the old lady ordered a pair of sandals on the internet. One night she hears scratching and meowing coming from the box.  During the night the sandals have magically turned into a real cat! With the help of the cat the old lady overcomes her fears and starts making friends. The illustrations by the Iranian illustrator Vaghar Aghaei are a perfect match to this touching story.

Paperback / 139 pp / Redhouse Kidz


written by Göknur Birincioğlu & illustrated byMaria Brzozowska 

Once upon a time, there was a blind old archer who was in love with the sound of a bow when an arrow is shot. He crafted a harp and a lyre that would make the same sound. One day the archer gave this lyre as a gift to the wife of the weaver. When she played the lyre and sang, the silk would become magical. When the king ordered more and more silk to make his army even more powerful, the singer grew weary and lost her voice completely.

Paperback / 170 x 230 / 40 pp / Redhouse Kidz

Granny Meerkats Series

written by Nihan Temiz & illustrated by Şebnem Aydın Gündüz

Two elderly meerkats move into a forest hut from their overly crowded underground house. Their new house is just as they’ve dreamt of – in a clearing with a great view. Granny Meerkats organize a party to meet the forest animals but they make a huge mistake on the invitations, which leads to a surprisingly funny outcome. GRANNY MEERKATS THROW A PARTY includes three easy-to-read funny stories. Second title to be published in 2018. Redhouse Kidz / Paperback / 170 x 200 / 60 pages

Soso’s Compost

written by Sima Özkan and illustrated by Orhan Ata

Composting can be quite a fun activity for toddlers who love to play with mud and clay. In this story we meet a little worm named Soso who is living in a compost bin. Soso tells readers how to compost, explaining what kind of food and items decompose. Children will also learn the concepts of recycling and ecology while they are learning to compost.

Rights sold: Italian, Korean & Simplified Chinese

Paperback / 270 x 230 / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Hedgehog and the Exhibit

written by Özge Bahar Sunar & illustrated by Ceyhun Şen

In a class set amidst a beautiful forest the teacher gives an assignment to her students, they need to practice writing the letter A. But Hedgehog is worried as he injured his forefeet and cannot hold a pencil. Readers finds out how it is possible to overcome any situation through creativity.

Rights Sold: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazil), Italian, Macedonian, Korean, Simplified & Complex Chinese

Paperback / 240 x 240 / 32 pages / Redhouse Kidz

The Master of Bicycles

written by Özge Bahar Sunar & illustrated by Aleksandra Fabia

Minti finally has the bicycle he has been dreaming of for ages, but there is one problem: he doesn’t know how to ride it. Minti visits three bicycle shops in the village and meets three masters with each a method of their own. Minti explores how to ride a bicycle as he and his two friends visit these unexpected  masters. A poetic tale about learning something new with the support and the help of others. Continue reading

Oops! What Have I Become

written & illustrated by Elif Yemenici

A little girl wakes up and leaves home to start working on the garden. Her family has lush lemon trees and it is time to pick the lemons. As she starts dreaming upon seeing a bird flying happily over the trees. She dreams of being a bird and flying to different countries in the world, and then being a snail and carrying her home on her back. Set in an Aegean village, detailed illustrations will brighten you up just like a glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Continue reading