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City Tells a Story

written and illustrated by Chun-young and Lee Ji-won Lee

Some cities are really old, and others are brand new. Some are next to the ocean and others are on the mountain. Learn about how cities function and how people live in them and also find out about city challenges such as housing, transportation, waste and pollution issues.

Paperback / 270 x 210 / 36 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig

Last Summer

written and illustrated by Ji-hyeon Kim

A young boy goes on a summer trip with his family. Whilst he is taking a walk with his dog, he absorbs the energy from nature around him and the day remains an unforgettable memory. Sometimes we are so busy that we miss many of life’s precious moments. Hence the importance of looking around our ordinary lives to remind us of the value of happiness.

Paperback / 217 x 304 / 48 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig

A Tailor Shop at the Intersection

written and illustrated by Ahn Jaesun

“Chronicling 100 years of history of a small men’s tailor shop in Seoul, retold with dog-headed figures and making judicious use of colour based on browns and greys, this exquisite picture book shows the details of the crowded city, tailoring tools and processes, and a fascinating variety of body shapes being measured and fitted with bespoke suits.” BOLOGNA RAGAZZI AWARD – OPERA PRIMA 2020 MENTION

Paperback / 210 x 270 / 32 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig

For You Who Couldn’t Sleep

written and illustrated by Mi-young Baek

As a child travels with a fish to different places deep in the ocean, the child finally gets sleepy and falls sound asleep. This book helps children relax and enjoy their imaginative trip at night.

Paperback / 240 x 180 / 64 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig

Barefoot in the Sand

written by Havvah Deevon and illustrated by Rotem Teplow

On the sand dunes on which the city of Tel Aviv is built, stand two people. They are dressed differently and probably speak different languages. But they have two things in common. The first one is that they are barefoot.

Paperback / 245 x 245 / 40 pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing

Mummy, Time to Sleep!

written by Hilit Blum and illustrated by Vali Mintzi

Amelia is not ready for bed yet. She doesn’t want to put on pajamas, lie down or go to sleep. After running after her, Amelia’s mother sits down for a bit to rest and slowly lies comfortably. Amelia brings her a blanket, her teddy bear… to keep her mum comfortable. A charming story and mother-child sleeping game perfect as a bedtime story.

Paperback / tbc x tbc / tbc pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing

Dream First

written by Judith Malika Liberman and illustrated by Zeynap Özatalay

Joseph was a tailor. He would dream up something new just for his customers. One day, Joseph finally made himself a coat. When it got worn out, he turned it into a jacket, and then a vest, then a tie. A brand-new series (3 titles) to discover international folktales.

Rights sold: Russian

Paperback / 220 x 255 / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz

The Itchy Mountain

written by Simlâ Sunay and illustrated by Burcu Yılmaz

Miners ruin the mountain’s skin and constructors pour asphalt on its back. When a mountain asks for its back to be scratched, the villagemen cut down the trees to scratch it more. But the mountain starts vomitting, gets cold and sick and finally it stands silent.

Paperback / 220 x 220 / 40 pages / Redhouse Kidz


written and illustrated by Coralie Saudo and Mélanie Grandgirard

Famous fairy-tale characters meet throughout the stories that the reader invents by combining the cut-out pages as they wish. An innovative mix-and-match picture book to discover well-known classics. 4096 possible options!

 Novelty Book / 315 x 180 / 40 pages / Editions Les P’tits Berets