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Free Drawing

written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval
On a rainy night or a foggy afternoon, who has never seen themselves with a handful of pencils and their imagination on the loose?  More than a coloring book, FREE DRAWING is an invitation to dive into the universe of colours and strokes, filling spaces and white with a lot of imagination. From the botanical garden to the world of shadows, the reader follows a boy’s wanderings  and is invited to join, whether with crayons, wax chalk, watercolor, or just as an observer – this creative journey.

Paperback / 170 X 260 / 144 pages / Companhias das Letras


written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval

A new world of infinite forms and colours reveals itself as the reader folds the pages as instructed in the book.  The folds bring to life various combinations and abstract figures that are open to interpretation. A unique and fascinating work for the whole family.

Paperback / 172 x 225 cm / 64 pages / Companhias das Letras




written by Eun-ju Kim & illustrated by Ji-won Lee

It tells the story of plastic toys that travel across the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Atlantic Ocean for months without breaking apart. How can plastic survive travelling across the ocean and remain as plastic, and why is this harmful to our environment? Did you know that plastic accounts a significant portion of waste in our planet? Part of ALL AROUND SCIENCE SERIES.

Paperback / TBC / 40 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig



written by San-ho Oh & illustrated by Jung-taek Oh

This book explores all facts about our hands – what are fingernails used for, why are there lines in the palm of the hands and what are fingerprints? It also shares interesting facts such as the importance of thumbs, why bones in hands are structured the way they are and some amazing hand tricks that not a lot of people can do. Part of ALL AROUND SCIENCE SERIES.

Paperback / TBC / 40 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig



written by Eun-Mi Hur & illustrated by Hyun-Jee Chung
Min-woo is different – different from me. My skin is pale as a peach, but Min-woo’s skin color is brown. Li Hyang is different – different from us. We are all born in Korea and live in Korea, but Li Hyang is born in Japan and lives in Japan. But all the children share a close friendship despite  the differences in their origins and culture just like flowers in a garden.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

Hardback / TBC / 32 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig


written by Ho-sang Jo & illustrated by Mi-sook Yun

Once upon a time, there was a grandmother who planted red beans. One day a tiger tried to eat her. “Please, let me at least harvest the red beans, make some soup and eat it.” The tiger wanted to eat the red bean soup so he agreed to come back. Bologna Ragazzi Award. RIGHTS SOLD: Complex Chinese & Japanese

Hardback / TBC / 32 pages / Woongjin Thinkbig


written by Chunyung Lee & illustrated by Ho Chang

A child sees dinosaurs as he walks along the streets, as he plays with other kids and even on the road in his mum’s car. He asks his mum: “Don’t you wish there was a dinosaur?” Until the mum finally imagines herself sitting with her son on the back of a dinosaur.

Hardback / TBC / 32 pages / Woongjin Thinkbg

Where is the Sausage?

written by Kippenberger & illustrated by Caepsele

Zoe and Eddi are playing football when suddenly Eddi has to wee!” “We have just come down from the fifth floor.” Mrs Lamprecht lives on the ground floor so Eddi accepts her offer to use her toilets. But her toilets are smelly as her husband forgot to flush. RIGHTS SOLD: Danish

Hardback / 230 x 250 / 40 pages / Tulipan Verlag

Mr Huth’s Hat is to Blame

written by Jochen Till & illustrated by Daniel Djanie

A long time ago a small bird named Hugo had to urgently go to the toilet. Unfortunately, it landed on Mr Huth’s hat. Hugo wanted to apologise but when Mr. Huth saw the mishap on his hat, he was angry and insulted Hugo. And as a revenge, the birds had a nasty plan. Hardback / 220 x 220 / 36 pages / Tulipan Verlag



Pale Hannes

written & illustrated by Steffen Gumpert

When Joris learns that his biologist parents are planning to spend a few days on a desolate island, he is everything but enthusiastic. They want to research birds and plants and Joris has to join them. On board the ship that takes them to the small island, the Captain tells Joris that there is a ghost that has scared many tourists almost to death. Joris is thrilled and decides to track the ghost. A creepy-exciting graphic novel for small adventurers and ghost fans.

Paperback / 170 x 245 / 64 pages / Tulipan Verlag