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Gabriela Keselman & Prat Montserrat

Mr and Mrs Goodparents sat in the Thinking  Armchair – their son, little Mikey’s, birthday was very important. They had to pick a present. But they couldn’t think of anything. So, they stopped thinking and went to find the very person whom this concerned.

Kokinos / 245 x 285; 28pp + foldout. World excl. Spanish & Catalan


Renata Bueno

Each page of this book can be read one way or another – is the basket full or empty? Is this animal a spider or an octopus? It all depends on where you position the mirror. Full of surprises this book introduces children to the concept of symmetry.

Bayard / 180 x 180; 30p
World excl. French


Sun-mi Hwang & Hee-eun Lee

Mum has prepared a basket with a hoe, a towel, a lunch box, a water bottle and some beans. Eunsong has prepared her basket too with a stuffed bunny and a small shovel. What would happen if Eunsong planted her stuffed bunny? Would she get a bunny tree? An imaginative picture book by Korea’s most acclaimed author and the international seller THE DOG WHO DARED TO DREAM.

Woongjin /210×270; 32p
World excl. Korean


Wojciech Grajkowski & Wojciech Stachyra

Taking care of your teeth is extremely important. The characters of this book are: a little girl named Pola and dental tools: Mirror, Probe and Drill, as well as a Toothbrush and Toothpaste and dental Floss. They will explain to all children why brushing teeth is necessary, what milk teeth are, and that everyone can like a dentist.

245 x 260 mm / 32 pages


Dvora Busheri & Noa Kelner

Dru is on the swing in the playground when Sophie comes by and asks her to play. But there’s not enough room for two on the swing. A clever and charming board book series that reveals children’s interaction on the playground.

200mm x 200mm/20 pages/ Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing


Ulo Pikkov & Anne Piikkov

The forest was quite when suddenly there was a sound of hard knocking. Birds and animals were scared. Who does this kind of noise? Eventually, they found a small woodpecker tapping on an old maple tree and the woodpecker wouldn’t stop. A story about learning and living in community by the illustrator of WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CROCODILE.


Shelley Maisel & Cherly Neave

Joe the woodcutter stood beneath a tree. It was so tall, so strong, so full of life. He was there to cut the tree down. The birds didn’t know the tree. The Tree didn’t know but he knew. An important book about the importance of preserving nature, trees and replanting them for generations.

285mm x 210mm / 32 pages / Bumble Books


Allison Ofanansky & Rotem Teplow

Miriam sits in her courtyard and watches the sky above the rooftops of Fez turn dark. When three stars twinkle overhead, Passover ends and another holiday -Mimouna- begins. Miriam can’t wait to sink her teeth into the paper-thin pancakes her mother always makes for Mimouna. But they don’t have any flour! With the help of Jasmine and her mother, their Muslim neighbour, the party takes place and joy is in the air.

270mm x 210mm / 32 pages / Kinneret Zmora Dvir Publishing