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written by Marina Klink & illustrated by Cárcamo
Join the Klink family’s adventure around the world. Daddy’s name is Amyr and Mommy’s, Marina. Laura, Tamara and Marininha are their daughters. One day, mommy had a great idea! Let’s take the whole family with him the next time Daddy went for a travel.

Paperback / 270 x 205 mm / 40 pages / Companhias das Letrinhas

Animals’ Elections

written & illustrated by André Rodrigues, Larissa Ribeiro, Paula Desgualdo & Pedro Markun
The animals couldn’t stop talking about one thing: the Lion had diverted the water from the river to build a swimming pool in his front burrow. This was the last straw. Outraged, the animals started to question whether the Lion should really be the king of the forest.

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written & illustrated by Beatriz Chachamovitz
There is a huge number of fishes living in deep seas. Some of them are so peculiar they don’t look real! Fourteen of them are presented in this book that explores the depths of the ocean through specific texts and illustrations thoroughly detailed. Besides getting to know these creatures, readers can find other marine living beings hidden amongst the illustrations.

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written & illustrated by Gilles Eduar

The History of Earth: 100 words tells the story of the formation of the Earth and the evolution of mankind. Gilles Eduar traces a path starting with the Big Bang, exploring the age of the dinosaurs and going as far as the first homo sapiens. Children of any age can make a good use of this book, including teachers and parents interested in this fascinating topic.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

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written & illustrated by Lorena Kaz
The place we call home may be much larger than we imagine – it is what the girl in this book notices as she grows up and conquers the world. A house may be large, small, of straw, of wood, of brick, a nest, a burrow or even a cloud. It all depends on where you feel most welcomed and happy.

Paperback / 205 x 2015 / 36 pp / Companhias das Letrinhas


written by Lucias Barros & Marcia de Luca & illustrated by Bruna Assis Brasil

In this book, the idea is to learn to practice yoga, a very old set of exercises created from Indian philosophical teachings that requires concentration and self-control. It covers the definition of the ten principles of yoga; indications of how, where, when and why to play; the step by step of eleven basic postures, each one introduced by a story;breathing and meditation tips. RIGHTS SOLD: English

Free Drawing

written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval
On a rainy night or a foggy afternoon, who has never seen themselves with a handful of pencils and their imagination on the loose?  More than a coloring book, FREE DRAWING is an invitation to dive into the universe of colours and strokes, filling spaces and white with a lot of imagination. From the botanical garden to the world of shadows, the reader follows a boy’s wanderings  and is invited to join, whether with crayons, wax chalk, watercolor, or just as an observer – this creative journey.


Paperback / 170 X 260 / 144 pages / Companhias das Letras


written & illustrated by Andrés Sandoval

A new world of infinite forms and colours reveals itself as the reader folds the pages as instructed in the book.  The folds bring to life various combinations and abstract figures that are open to interpretation. A unique and fascinating work for the whole family.

Paperback / 172 x 225 cm / 64 pages / Companhias das Letras



Alphabet Factory

written & illustrated by Katia Canton

Even though we are surrounded by WORDS and know how important it is for us to learn how to read and write, we do not usually stop to think about the fun words can bring us. But the truth is, we can make Art, write POETRY, and invent GAMES with the words of our alphabet, and all we need in order to do that is a bit of CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION. So open the doors of this little big factory and with each letter, from A to Z, you will find new suggestions and texts about the VISUAL ARTS, SCIENCE, CULTURE, HISTORY, and LITERATURE, as well as POEMS and ideas for several activities.  Continue reading

Teresa’s World

written by Marcelo Romagnoli & iIllustrations by Carlo Giovani

Birthdays change everything. They change our age and they change us as people. Teresa had her sixth birthday and she changed. Before, she was just alive. Now, she believes she has a mission in life, namely to discover the world. And to do so she is going to transform herself into different things, and she is going to experience what it’s like to live like that for an entire day. First she wants to be a little boy, then a dog, a plant, and then a stone… Continue reading