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Hedgehog and the Exhibit

written by Özge Bahar Sunar & illustrated by Ceyhun Şen

In a class set amidst a beautiful forest the teacher gives an assignment to her students, they need to practice writing the letter A. But Hedgehog is worried as he injured his forefeet and cannot hold a pencil. Readers finds out how it is possible to overcome any situation through creativity.
RIGHTS SOLD: Spanish (Spain + Colombia + Latin America), Catalan, Simplified & Complex Chinese
Paperback / 240 x 240 / 32 pp / Redhouse Kidz

The Master of Bicycles

written by Özge Bahar Sunar & illustrated by Aleksandra Fabia

Minti finally has the bicycle he has been dreaming of for ages, but there is one problem: he doesn’t know how to ride it. Minti visits three bicycle shops in the village and meets three masters with each a method of their own. Minti explores how to ride a bicycle as he and his two friends visit these unexpected  masters. A poetic tale about learning something new with the support and the help of others. Continue reading

Oops! What Have I Become

written & illustrated by Elif Yemenici

A little girl wakes up and leaves home to start working on the garden. Her family has lush lemon trees and it is time to pick the lemons. As she starts dreaming upon seeing a bird flying happily over the trees. She dreams of being a bird and flying to different countries in the world, and then being a snail and carrying her home on her back. Set in an Aegean village, detailed illustrations will brighten you up just like a glass of cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Continue reading

Always a Little More

written by Özge Bahar Sunar & illustrated by Özlem Isıyel

A little girl is preparing for a school exhibition, where each student will prepare a handmade sea creature. She works for hours but in the end her work is smashed into pieces because of a clumsy friend. There are minutes left to the great exhibition and she needs to come up with a solution. This story shows us the special bond between a mother and her daughter. Continue reading

Left or Right

written by Şiirsel Taş & illustrated by Gökçe Akgül

Knowing which way is right or left can be confusing for children. Enjoy a walk through the woods and learn about directions. An interactive book in which the author addresses the reader and asks them to point to some elements on the right or left page. A clever book on an important topic that will help young and older readers figure out which way is right and which way is left. RIGHTS SOLD: Complex Chinese; Spanish, Catalan & Italian.

Redhouse Kidz / Paperback / 200 x 200 / 36 pages



The Dreamer Dreamt a Dream

written by Şiirsel Taş & Illustrated by Oğuz Demir

This is a collection of short stories, both realistic and fantasy. Two siblings buying their mother a flytrap as a birthday present which turns out to be a spagettitrap, a family uselessly trying to find a family photo of their own, a boy speaking “balloonish”, a snail longing to see the sea and making friends with a mussel, a white wish rabbit choosing between folded papers, inside which poems about fortune is written, a breadcrumb setting out on a journey which ends up in blue sky… These colorful characters invite dreamers to a dream land full of surprises!

Paperback / 135 x 195 / 128 pages / Redhouse Kidz


That’s Me Penelope!

written by Göknur Birincioğlu & Illustrated by Sernur Işık

Penelope is a little girl who is tired of trying to find an answer to the question, “What will you do when you grow up?” She thinks of different kinds of professions she could do, some of which are imaginary professions such as a word wizard or a ‘dreamtist’. In this magical tale, the author shows the readers the importance of finding your true self and being happy no matter what you do. Dynamic illustrations also add value to this inspiring story.

Paperback / 170 x 200 / 60 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Alphabet Cloud series

Written by Alp Gökalp & various illustrators
alphabet-cloud-coverImagine a place where letters and punctuation marks have a secret life of their own. They live in a land called “Alphabet Cloud” and they look just like human beings. A perfect series for children who start to learn letters that also deals with issues like heritage, equality, generosity…. S mumbled: “What if I were another letter?” / ü cried out: “What am I to do without my dots?” / R asked nervously: “Where are you my dearest comma?” / O and C asked at once: “Who am I?” / Bulut and Selis asked in surprise: “Where have all the trees gone?”

Continue reading


written by Gökçe Gökçeer & illustrated by Mustafa Gündem

poti-coverPöti is the story of a real dog and the series were written to create awareness about animal shelters. The first book of the series is Pöti where we get to know this cool dog and read about how she meets her owner. The second book is Pöti ve Dede (Pöti and Granddad) and in this story, Pöti finds an injured dog on the street and together with her owner they take this dog to the vet and name him. Granddad is also a real dog who is very old. We meet an interesting space dog named Astro in the third book of the series, Pöti’s Grey Tooth. Pöti has a grey tooth and from the beginning it was a mystery how she got that tooth. In this story, we travel across the universe and meet Astro who will tell us the story behind the grey tooth. 16,000 copies sold. 

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 46 pages / Redhouse Kidz

Color, Doodle and Sketch

Written by Banu Aksoy & illustrated by Gökçe İrten

color-doodle-and-sketchThis is a sketchbook that will entertain anyone who enjoys coloring, doodling and drawing. There are 55 activities that will ignite one’s imagination. The activities varies from simple (Color this whole page with one color) to challenging (Draw a caricature of your parents.) The result might be a masterpiece or a simple doodle. And this does not matter as the main aim of this book is to enjoy your free time. On some pages there are one paragraph information boxes, which introduce terms like “pointillism”, “graffiti”, “collage” etc.

Paperback / 165 x 235 / 96 pages / Redhouse Kidz