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Sun-mi Hwang & Hee-eun Lee

Mum has prepared a basket with a hoe, a towel, a lunch box, a water bottle and some beans. Eunsong has prepared her basket too with a stuffed bunny and a small shovel. What would happen if Eunsong planted her stuffed bunny? Would she get a bunny tree? An imaginative picture book by Korea’s most acclaimed author and the international seller THE DOG WHO DARED TO DREAM.

Woongjin /210×270; 32p
World excl. Korean


Cho Wonhee

A man discovers a rope on the ground. It is very long, thick and strong and someone is pulling on the opposite end. People join him without knowing why until a young kid comes along and looks at the scene differently.

185mmx300mm / 48 pages – Woongjin Thinkbig


Kim HWANG & Lee Heeeun

Doctor Cat’s house is always crowded with cats. One day, a cat explains that it cannot eat fish as the child in the family where is lives hates eating fish. Doctor Cat visit the child called Minho and invites him to the real world of fish. A fun story full of information.

225mmx245mm/ 36 pages – Woongjin Thinkbig


written by Jung Chang-hoon & illustrated by Jang Ho
The moon shines in the dark sky after the sun has disappeared. It is the nearest world from the Earth. It doesn’t shine by itself, unlike the Sun. Find out lots of exciting facts about the moon in this stunning book.

RIGHTS SOLD: French, Portuguese (Br), Germany & Simplified Chinese, Dutch

A Dinosaur Hat

written by Jeongmin Shin & illustrated by Sookeun Shim

Jinee is scared to feed the dog. It seems like there is someone in the deep, dark night. Jinee doesn’t even want to go out when it rains. One day, a big dinosaur appears in front of Jinee and starts accompanying him everywhere.

Hardback / Woongjing Thinkbig


One Day

written by Lee Jeok & illustrated by Kim Seungyeon
The journey of a young boy towards the understanding and acceptance that his grandfather is not in the house anymore. When he realises that death means “going back” to where one originally belong the young boy can finally finds peace. A touching story of love and farewell from the point of view of a young boy.

RIGHTS SOLD: English & Complex Chinese

Hardback / Woongjin Thinkbig


The Bones in my Body

written by Kim Hyeongjoon & illustrated by Won Hyejin

How do bones look like? Why do we have bones? What happens if we don’t have bones?
This book tells us where the bones are in our bodies and what they do.

RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese

Hardback / 28pp / Woongjin Thinkbig