What Happened to Crocodile?

written by Marina Moskvina & illustrated by Anne Pikkov

krokodill_kaas.indd“There’s someone there,” a crocodile cheered. “Yes! Come in! Oh, I mean, come out!” “Why are you yelling?” Crocodile’s grandmother came closer. “Can I help you?” “Wait!” whispered a crocodile. “Let him do it himself…” “Knock-knock,” as if someone was using a small hammer inside. The shell cracked and a tiny head appeared. Crocodile froze. A tiny bird with a yellow beak fell out of the egg. There’s a miracle in the end of this book: the crocodile, who follows the call of love, learns to fly. In fact, the miracle happens at the beginning, when the crocodile – despite the pressure from peers – adopts a little bird. A story about tolerating somebody smaller and totally different.

Awards: 2014 – 5 Best-Designed Children’s Book.

Päike ja Pilv / 170 × 240 / 40 pages

World except Estonian, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Romanian