What Happened to Crocodile?

written by Marina Moskvina & illustrated by Anne Pikkov

krokodill_kaas.indd“There’s someone there,” a crocodile cheered. “Yes! Come in! Oh, I mean, come out!” “Why are you yelling?” Crocodile’s grandmother came closer. “Can I help you?” “Wait!” whispered a crocodile. “Let him do it himself…” “Knock-knock,” as if someone was using a small hammer inside. The shell cracked and a tiny head appeared. Crocodile froze. A tiny bird with a yellow beak fell out of the egg. There’s a miracle in the end of this book: the crocodile, who follows the call of love, learns to fly. In fact, the miracle happens at the beginning, when the crocodile – despite the pressure from peers – adopts a little bird. A story about tolerating somebody smaller and totally different. RIGHTS SOLD: Simplified Chinese, Catalan & Spanish
Marina Moskvina (1954) is a Russian writer and journalist living in Moscow. She has written books for children and adults. She has also made documentaries for television and written screenplays for short animated movies.

Anne Pikkov (1974) has studied graphic design in Estonian Academy of Arts and has worked in advertising. Since 2006, she is heading the Open Academy of Estonian Academy of Arts. She loves to make pictures and design books. Much of her work has won recognition in Estonia and
abroad. She loves to spice her pictures with humor and expressive style, also experiment with different techniques.

Awards: 2014 – 5 Best-Designed Children’s Book.

Hardback / 170 × 240 / 40 pages / Päike ja Pilv