Playing in the Jungle Series

written by Aytül Akal & illustrated by Mert Tugen

playing 1This is a series of four books. Animals in the jungle are trying to learn new things in each book. There is a question at the bottom of each page which gives parents the opportunity to talk about the story with their children and explore. Simple and funny illustrations combined with text from an experienced author.

Playing Time (Ne Oynayalım?): Animals gather to play a game. Here, the book shows traditional games such as hide-and-seek, etc. playing 3

Story Time (Ne Anlatalım?): Animals gather to tell a story. The author teaches the three elements of a story which are time, place and characters and shows the importance of imagination.

playing 2

Painting Time (Ne Boyayalım?): Animals gather to paint stones. Thus, the book teaches different colors and color mixtures.

playing 4

Eating Time (Ne Yiyelim?): Animals gather to eat something. The author teaches us different kind of vegetables and fruits in respect to their shapes and their features.


Hardback / 230 x 270 / 36 pages / Redhouse Publishing