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Design Thinking

written by Ufuk Ceylan & illustrated by Dilek Yördem Ceylan

design-thinking-coverYou have never seen a cookbook like this before! It shows children the process of “creating a project” via simple recipes involving analyzing, problem solving, planning and team work. 18 recipes/ three levels in the shape of a board game.

Hardback / 180 x 205 / 120 pages / Redhouse Kidz



Poems with Problems

written & illustrated by Renata Bueno

Poemas problemas coverA clever and fun book with lots of maths problems to solve for math lovers and for those who are less keen on numbers. Two little red fish swimming in a ring and a big orange one (this one is the king). Nine tiny dancing yellow ones, flip and roll, having lots of fun in my new fish bowl. All asked, darting round, how many fish do you think can be found?  

RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & French

Paperback / 200 x 200 / 40 pages / Editora do Brasil

Tales and Exercises for Restless Kids

written & illustrated by Aitor Saraiba

Open cub_cas_cast_trazthe book to any page. Each page tells you a micro-tale or offers you a fun exercise to do. Enjoy a book in just one minute… 22 micro tales + 22 exercises.

Themes: Fun, lack of attention, imagination, hyperactivity, poetry, equality.

Hardback / 170 x 223 / 56 pages / NubeOcho



Playing in the Jungle Series

written by Aytül Akal & illustrated by Mert Tugen

playing 1This is a series of four books. Animals in the jungle are trying to learn new things in each book. There is a question at the bottom of each page which gives parents the opportunity to talk about the story with their children and explore. Simple and funny illustrations combined with text from an experienced author.

Playing Time (Ne Oynayalım?): Animals gather to play a game. Here, the book shows traditional games such as hide-and-seek, etc.  Continue reading

Activity Book (Blue Series)

written & illustrated by Aysun Berktay Özmen

Crow ActivityThis activity book offers a variety of scenes from the Blue Series to develop creativity. So children can write new stories through fun activities such as filling up the crow’s next with blue items. There are also 12 drawing templates including a fish, flowers and other shapes such as clothing that can easily be cut and drawn again.  Continue reading

All in a Roll

written & illustrated by Rinat Hoffer

All in a Roll front coverA treasure of creations and games that will keep children and adults busy for hours. All you need is a small pair of scissors, a pen and toilet paper rolls to bring to life 72 models such as a frog, a flying butterfly, a penguin, finger puppets to name just a few. An activity book that develops creativity and concentration skills and teaches about the importance of recycling with no effort and lots of fun.

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Dear Diary

written & illustrated by Iris Boim-Ronen & Michal Bonano

A uniqDear Diary front coverue book that will guide and help you write your own diary through a variety of fun and creative activities. You will explore, discover and document many aspects of your daily life (family, friends, dreams, books, trips …). “Who are your best friends and what will they look like in twenty years’ time? What are the chances that your grandmother was a pirate once? What book did you last read and couldn׳t put down?”

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