Activity Book (Blue Series)

written & illustrated by Aysun Berktay Özmen

Crow ActivityThis activity book offers a variety of scenes from the Blue Series to develop creativity. So children can write new stories through fun activities such as filling up the crow’s next with blue items. There are also 12 drawing templates including a fish, flowers and other shapes such as clothing that can easily be cut and drawn again. 

Aysun Berktay Özmen started her career as an art teacher. In 2010 she won Tudem Literature Awards “Write, Draw, Paint Greeting to the Books!” for her book The Gardener Mole and the Termite Kıvırcık. In 2010 she also won Gulten Dayioglu Illustrated Children’s Book Award with her book named Ecoist Frog King. She lives in the countryside and continues her work from her studio near a lake where she observes the nature and continues to write stories about nature.