My Family

written & illustrated by Anna-Clara Tidholm

What is a family? Mum, dmy family coverad and a child? Granny and a cat? Or a dad and three children? Is a family supposed to stay in one place or is it better to move around? Gabriella wonders and decides to ask a variety of children about their families. This is a book about families and how different they can look. Every child tells their story from their own perspective. Traditional families, new families – they are all included. And no matter how the families look, to the small child their own family is the family.

This regardless of how grown-ups tend to classify families into traditional families, extended families and so on. The family is an important source of identification and everybody needs its own family to be mirrored in children’s books. Anna-Clara Tidholm is an award-winning author and illustrator. She shows that families can come in many different shapes.

Hardback / 185 x 185 / 32 pages / Olika Publishing