Kick It, Charlotte (Soccer Stars series)

written by Jennifer Wegerup & illustrated by Bettina Johansson

kick it charlotte coverCharlotte plays soccer in a local all-girls soccer team called Ekby. They participate in a tournament called the Super Cup in another town and ends up in second place. Charlotte is very disappointed, and vows to win the Super Cup next year.


Soccer is growing more popular among girls all over the world. But almost all soccer books are about boys! These books are based on the childhood memories of famous female soccer players and they are written by well-known Swedish sports journalists.

Other titles in the series:

BEWARE OF THE DOG! – In the second book about Charlotte and Ekby’s all-girls soccer team, a dog interrupts an important game. The team learns that the owner of the dog is in the hospital and Ekby’s second coach offers to take care of the dog. After some trouble with Charlotte’s knee and with a bullying player from another team, Charlotte and her teammates finally win a tournament.

OVER HERE! KOSSE CRIES – Kosse loves playing soccer but she finds it frustrating that her older brothers won’t let her play with them. Kosse persuades her friend Emma to play soccer with her, but Emma doesn’t show much enthusiasm or skill. It’s not until Kosse, Emma and their classmates are picked to represent their school in a local soccer tournament that Emma starts to make an effort. Their team wins the tournament and Kosse and Emma are asked to join a local soccer team.