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Nikodemus and the Miraculous Mouse

written by Manfred Mai & illustrated by Jochen Stuhrmann

Nikodemus front coverA mouse at the fishmonger, a cat in a roller coaster – in search of the Seven Wonders of the World mouse Luzili and cat Nikodemus discover their neighbourhood. What started as a classical cat-and-mouse game ends in an extraordinary friendship thanks to Luzili’s courage and fantasy!

 Bratislava illustration award 2013 RIGHTS SOLD: Japanese; Simplified chinese. Continue reading

The Wonderful Adventures of Paula

written by Paul Maar & illustrated by Eva Muggenthaler

In her dreams paulas-reisenPaula travels through many fantastic countries. But everywhere she goes strict rules must be followed. Neither is she round enough for the “Land of Circles and Balls”, nor red enough for “The Red Country”. So everyone wants her to adapt. Fortunately she always finds a loophole. A wonderful picturebook about the courage of being oneself. RIGHTS SOLD: Korean; Brazilian; Catalan; Spanish (Spain/Colombia); Simplified Chinese. Continue reading

Being and Appearing

written by Jorge Luján & illustrated by Isol

A simple aSer y parecer Covernd at the same time profound poem wrapped in bold illustrations that tells us that we are not what we appear to the naked eye. An invitation into a journey beyond appearance to discover who we really are. My nose is tiny and gets lost in my face, but it can smell cookies two blocks away.


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My Body and Me

written Jorge Luján & illustrated by Isol

Mi cuerpo cover

What do children think about their own body? The protagonist of this book believes that he is very different from his own body. For instance his body washes in water whilst he bathes in laughter. At night his body sleeps whilst he escapes into dreams. But the protagonist prefers his own body after all because he lends him his eyes. A powerful book!


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The Chameleon that Saved Noah’s Ark

written by Yael Molchadsky & illustrated by Orit Bergman

Aboard NoahThe Chameleon cover’s Ark the donkeys are braying, the frogs are croaking, the lions are roaring. It’s time to feed the animals. But what should Noah and his wife prepare for the two chameleons? Roots, seeds or nuts or spices are not to their taste, and they are getting thinner and thinner. Until Noah’s wife finds little worms in the pantry…  WHITE RAVENS 2016 / Kirkus Starred Review / RIGHTS SOLD: French, Italian, World English & German.  Continue reading

The Rock

written by Jorge Luján & illustrated by Chiara Carrer

On the outCover frontskirts of the village there’s a rock. The rock has a question for those who approach it – the ones who answer correctly can continue their journey and the ones who don’t must turn back. “Before I was a rock, what was I…?” asks the rock. “An archipelago!” says Lucia. “The tail of a snail!” says John who can also pass. But each time Pedro answers: “You’ve never been anything but a rock!” he has to turn around. Only the power of imagination and creative thinking can move this very special rock.

WHITE RAVENS 2014 / RIGHTS SOLD: Korean & Portuguese (Brazil).  Continue reading

The Fox and the Grapes

written by Shoham Smith & illustrated by Omer Hoffmann

The Fox and the Grapes Cover

A fox traveled through the countryside with one thing on his mind: I’m so hungry. My poor tummy. I’ll eat anything I can find. Along he marched till suddenly (despite rumbling from his tummy) he saw a dazzling vineyard.

THE FOX AND THE GRAPES received a Children’s Illustration Merit from 3×3 Illustration Annual in 2014. WHITE RAVENS 2015.

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written by Orna Landau & illustrated by Omer Hoffmann

Leopardpox front cover

One morning a little girl wakes up feeling a bit strange. She tells her mother: “I won׳t be able to go to kindergarten this morning. I think that I am getting ill.” Could it be chickenpox, measles or whooping cough? Suddenly her cough turns into a roar and the sweet little girl springs out of bed like a wild animal. Who would have thought of leopardpox?

WHITE RAVENS 2013 / RIGHTS SOLD: World-English. KIRKUS Best Children’s Book 2013.

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Top Tree Dad

written by Shirley Yuval-Yair & illustrated by Tsahi Farber

One SuTop Tree Dad front covernday morning when the birds are still asleep, Uri wakes up his dad. Uri’s present has finally arrived – a little plane with wings, an engine and a remote control. All night long he thought about the exciting moment when his plane would take off and fly up to the sky. But he never imagined that this was the beginning of a tree top adventure!


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Higher & Higher

written by Yuval Elazary & illustrated by Lital Amir

“Earth”, “country”Higher & Higher cover, “world” and “location” can be confusing notions. This great title introduces all these terms and more in an interactive new way. It invites children to explore the planet Earth and space. And it explains through words and illustrations how the Earth looks from above, how maps are drawn and read, and where we stand in the whole universe. WHITE RAVENS 2014 / RIGHTS SOLD: Japanese

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